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40 Ottawa Things You Should Treat Yourself To For Under $40

Ballin' on a budget!

It's so important to treat yourself from time to time, whether you do something solo or something with your friends, special treats can always help keep you feeling your best. Of course, treating yourself usually means spending a ton of money, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. Saving your money is one of the greatest treats you can give yourself in the long run. With $40 as your ultimate budget, you won't need to break your bank account to have a day filled with luxuries.

Treating yourself can come in so many different forms. If you're a hardcore foodie then, of course, a decadent tiramisu or a customized pizza will both be perfect treats for you. There are so many foods that you can indulge in throughout Ottawa that will for sure treat. If you're someone that loves a perfect cocktail or a pint of beer then those will be great treats to get for yourself. Maybe you can combine both food and drinks into one day and have a day filled with special treats for yourself.

I personally think that the ultimate way to treat yourself is to have a pampering. Whether you like to stay home and chill out or get your nails done at a salon, there are so many ways you can get the pampering you deserve under $40. If pampering is not your thing, then maybe a treat for you can be doing something super fun outside. The winter season has already been pretty freezing here in Ottawa, but people that love the outdoors won't let the cold stop them. Treat yourself by spending the day on the canal with people you love. Another great way to treat yourself is by doing something that is 100% free! Not only will you enjoy what you do, but you will also save so much money (bless).

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