Remember the simple days when dating wasn't as hard? When you didn't have to chug a few drinks beforehand, or worry about someone not texting back? Same. All you worried about was if they would log into MSN that night. But there are times even before that that were even easier.

Anyway. We can definitely learn a lot from the 20th century, and take a few tips that will help us get back into that cute dating scene, instead of the world of f*ckboys. An old school date will definitely show their personality more, and you'll be able to find out if you like them completely sober. These dates are harmless, but also so much fun, you probably won't ever want to leave.

So escape back to the easier dating times, and check out these 8 unique places to go on an old-school date in Ottawa:

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Drive-In Theatre // Port Elmsley

Drive-in theatres are the definition of an old-school date. You can cuddle on the front of your car, or push back the seats and just relax. The drive-in theatre in Port Elmsley is a bit of a drive outside of Ottawa, but it's so worth it. Starting in the spring, they have movies every weekend and you'll feel like Sandy and Danny from Grease.

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Arcade // Level One

Meeting up at an arcade used to be a classic date, and I'm not sure why it's stopped. You can battle out your date and test their competitive side, and use it to flirt as well (obviously). There are so many options for games at Level One, you'll never be bored here. Who doesn't want to play Nintendo on a date?

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Record Store // The Record Centre

Find out what kind of music your date likes at a record store, and bond over your love for music! There are plenty of record stores in Ottawa, and you'll be sure to find out what kind of person they are over their favourite 90s band (obviously The Spice Girls).

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Old School Diner // Zak's Diner

I mean, falling in love over a milkshake? Yes please. Especially on a first date, Zak's Diner, preferably before all the drunk kids come in, would be a magical place to get to know someone. You can bond over your favourite diner foods, and there is no better way to feel old-school than in a diner.

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Bowling // Merivale Bowling Centre

Bowling is a classic icebreaker, but it's also the most old-school date you can get. Again, if your competitive side is ready to be shown, this will be the perfect date for you. You can make it a group date as well, but obviously just remember to order a pizza and Slush Puppies.

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Horseback Riding // Captiva Farms

Horseback Riding is every girls dream on a date. The scenery, the romantic vibes, it's all so perfect. Does anyone even go horseback riding anymore? Well, I'm changing that and saying it's the ultimate date. You'll probably have a few good laughs too!

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Ice Cream Date // Lois N' Frima's Ice Cream

Holding hands while eating ice cream? The cutest date ever. This is obviously a more laid back date, but it's a great way to just have a relaxed conversation without there being a lot of pressure. You can walk around the market while talking, and then maybe head over to one of the other suggestions that are close by!

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Live Music // LIVE on Elgin

Live music doesn't get as much praise as it should, especially in Ottawa. Sitting down, grabbing a drink and just enjoying the music and your date sounds awesome. You can pick a certain type of music you want in the background for that night, and listen to something that's not on the radio. Old-school or not, this will definitely create a bond between you and your date!

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