As the weather cools down and our scarves come out it may seem as though the only thing to do in Ottawa is go hiking. But there is more to fall than just hikes (even though they are my personal favourite thing to do in fall). 

If you're trying to narrow down what you're going to do this fall, this list will surely help you out. It's time to take out that fall jacket and your favourite plaid shirt cause fall on its way.

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Pumpkinferno // 13740 County Road 2

September 29th - October 29th 

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Richmond Fair // 6121 Perth Street

September 14th - 17th 

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Panda Game // TD Place

September 30th 

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CityFolk Festival // Lansdowne Park

September 13th-17th

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Abbey Hill Farms // 1490 Bankfield Road

Pumpkin picking

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Saunders Farm // 7893 Bleeks Road

September 23rd - October 31st

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Log Cabin Orchard // 6121 Cabin Rd

Apple picking

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Beau's Oktoberfest // 92 Main Street W, Vankleek Hill

September 22nd - 23rd

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106th Grey Cup Festival // TD Place

November 26th 2017

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Carp Fair // 3790 Carp Road

September 21st - 24th 

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Nepean Point // Alexandra Bridge

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Haunted Walk // 46 1/2 Sparks Street

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The Lights Festival // Beckwith Park

September 23rd 2017

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Pumpkin Spice Latte // Starbucks

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Fall Hike // Gatineau Park

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