Have you ever wondered what it would look like to take a helicopter ride over Ottawa? Yeah, me neither. But you'll definitely change your mind after you see why you 100% should.

I'm sure it's not something you think of daily, but viewing your city from a different perspective is such a cool experience. It's pretty hard not to think of Drake when talking about views, but I'm serious when I say the views you'll experience in this helicopter tour is unlike any other.

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Héli-Tremblant, which does helicopter tours in Ottawa and Mont Tremblant, gives residents or visitors an amazing way to see the city they're in. Ottawa is a beautiful city, but seeing it from up top is something hardly any of us have ever experienced unless you're flying somewhere else. But even so, that's not even close to this kind of experience.

These helicopter tours appropriately take off at the Canada Museum of Aviation and Space, which is also home to the Rockcliffe airport. These tours are open from May to October, and they range in prices depending on what you want to see. A short 30 km/10 minute ride is $199.00 and they go all the way up to 90 km/30 minute ride for $479.00.

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During the Ottawa tours, the pilot takes you over Gatineau, over the Hull casino, and then will cross the river to see downtown Ottawa and the Parliament Buildings and Rideau Hall. For the longer flights, they'll also take you around Chelsea, and you'll be able to spend 45 minutes with the pilot as he teaches you what to do. During the ride, you'll get to take over the controls. Talk about thrilling!

Not sure about you, but this sounds like the perfect experience for a birthday, a 'f*ck it, let's do it' kind of phase or even a marriage proposal. You could even do it for a date–but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The tours can fit up to 3 people, which is better for the price! If you're looking to make 2017 your year, do something you never thought you would. Get over your fear of flying, get out of your comfort zone and book the trip. You will not regret it. Just blast I Believe I Can Fly by R.Kelly the whole time and you'll be golden.

You can watch a video of the once in a lifetime experience here.

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