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Ottawa Is Hosting The World's Largest Beer Pong Festival This Spring And You Can Attend

Teamwork makes the dream work.

I'm sure for as long as basically everyone reading this has been drinking they've been playing beer pong. It's the first drinking game we all learn whether it's at house parties in high school or out at dive bars in our university years. 

It's a game that we all know and love that takes requires some real skill to win. It allows people to let out their competitive sides and have some good-hearted fun. 

One thing most people probably don't know is that last year Ottawa hosted a massive beer pong tournament that broke the Guinness Wold Record for the largest tournament in history! 

@paloozafestivalembedded via

@paloozafestivalembedded via

Palooza Beer Pong Festival is a not-for-profit event that's taking place for the second year in a row to raise money for the CHEO Foundation. 

This amazing event will be taking place on April 28th at the Aberdeen Pavilion and they're going bigger and better than last year!

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The festival will feature live music, a celebrity MC, over 2500 people attending, an outdoor food court and so much more! All you have to do to get ready for the event is find a partner, pick out some cool matching costumes, and get ready to play! 

The price to participate in the tournament is $85.41 per team and if you just want to come hang out with your friends and party without competing, entrance to the event is $30.95. 

@paloozafestivalembedded via

@paloozafestivalembedded via

They have so much fun stuff planned for this event including $6,000 worth of prizes for their costume contest! 

Don't miss out on this crazy fun event this Spring and sign up your team ASAP. Visit their website and Facebook page for more details. 

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