Sometimes, you're just sick of adulting. Which isn't exactly a real word but according to Urban Dictionary it means 'to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.' Ugh, life.

So how can you possibly relieve your stress, while acting like you're 7 again? Well, there are plenty of options for you and I've listed them all below. Forget about work, school, relationship drama, and all of your debt and just take a day to not care about anything in the world except having fun. These 11 activities are bound to make you smile from ear to ear. Have fun!

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1. Sky Zone // 2935 Conroy Road

How can you not have the time of your life on wall-to-wall trampolines? Not only can you jump freely for hours, but you can also jump into a pit of foam, play trampoline basketball and your favourite gym class activity, dodgeball. Nothing screams youth more than reliving the nightmares of having rubber balls hitting you during gym class.

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2. Putting Edge // 5 Roydon Place

Have you ever heard someone say they're not a fan of glow in the dark mini putting? Me neither. That's because as kids, it was the coolest place to be and now you think you're too old. Wrong. You are never too old for glow in the dark mini putting, and it should definitely be back on your 2017 bucket list.

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3. Unlocked Ottawa // 329 March Road

Unlocked Ottawa is an escape room and board game lounge all in one. However, one of their escape rooms mimics the game Cops and Robbers, which definitely brings us all back to the days on the playground. If you loved that game as a child, you'll be beaming playing this one.

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4. The Tea Party Cafe // 119 York Street

It seems like every little girl has a pretend tea party with her stuffed animals as a kid, or maybe that was just me. Anyway. You're never too old for a tea party, and that's why The Tea Party Cafe is such a great place to go to feel royal and young at the same time. With desserts like scones and jam, and other desserts, you'll definitely remember the fake desserts you had as a kid that you wanted to eat so badly. And now look at you, living out the dream.

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5. Mount Pakenham // 577 Ski Hill Road

Okay, if you didn't go tubing at Mount Pakenham as a kid, did you really have a childhood? Whether it was on a field trip for school or your parents took you there on winter/March break, you loved but secretly hated walking up that hill with the tubes trailing behind you. But no matter what, it was a great day especially when you got hot chocolate and whatever crappy food you wanted. Who says you can't do that now?

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6. House of TARG // 1077 Bank Street

The ultimate arcade in Ottawa. However, you can drink here while playing games, which makes it even better. All of these pinball machines are vintage and will bring you right back to the 90s, which is where life was a lot easier. And if you really want to feel like a kid again, they have deals on perogies for their 'after school special' on Wednesdays from 5 to 10:30 pm.

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7. The Loft // 14 Waller Street

As kids, we played board games on Friday and Saturday nights. Now, we either watch Netflix and go to bed before 10 or we stay up until 5 in the morning drinking. There is no in between. However, how about mixing the two? At The Loft, you can drink and play board games with your friends, your loved one, or whoever you choose to play with. They have so many games you'll never get board bored.

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8. Mont Cascades // 448 Chemin du Mont-des-Cascades

Again, a staple in everyones childhood growing up in Ottawa. The drive seemed so far, however it's only about a half an hour drive from Ottawa. It's way cheaper than Calypso, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank. If you want to relax in the summer, this is a great place to go and spend the day. Grab some friends and spend the day soaking up the sun while riding the rides you thought were too scary as a kid.

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9. Funhaven // 1050 Baxter Road

Do I even have to explain this one? Funhaven is a great place to go to play games, ride an indoor rollercoaster, play laser tag, bumper cars, and so much more. There are plenty of games to play too, and if you go on Friday nights you can get an alcoholic drink to make things even more exciting.

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10. Commando Paintball // 4565 Dunning Road

Is it just me, or were you terrified of paintball as a kid? It seemed so scary, and still kind of does. However, you get over it as you're older and now you want to conquer your fears that probably aren't even that scary. If you have an older sibling, they probably have told you all the horror stories about paintball when in reality it's such a fun activity. Show your younger self that you can do this, and that you won't die or pass out from the pain like your siblings told you you would.

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11. Parc Omega // 399 Route 323 North

Imagine as a kid someone told you you could hang out with animals while in your car? Or just pet a deer? I think your whole world would have changed. Now, you get to do that because you can drive without your parents being in the car. Just an hour away from Ottawa, Parc Omega basically lets you hang out and feed the elk and deer carrots, and see other animals along the way. If you're an animal lover, this will for sure be your favourite activity to relax.

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