Sometimes it can be tough to find something to do in Ottawa that will immediately boost you into the spring spirit but look no further. This experience is sure to make you feel major spring vibes as soon as you walk in. Butterflies are absolutely beautiful insects, from their bright colours to the delicate way that they fly, they are seriously the only bug which I genuinely like. 

Ottawa's museums have seriously been coming through with great exhibitions. Just last year the Arctic exhibition lead to polar bears taking over downtown Ottawa. Let's not forget the crazy Inside Out exhibition that was frightening yet interesting at the same time. The newly renovated Science and Technology Museum has seriously impressed us all and the expansions aren't even fully done yet! Not to mention the amazing exhibition being held at the Canadian Museum of History right now about Dreamworks Animation. 

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The Canadian Museum of Nature currently has a beautiful butterfly exhibition going on and you have to go before it is over. The butterflies are all flying around the museum's solarium which is a greenhouse at the back of the museum. As you walk around the greenhouse you will be surrounded by tropical plants that are normally found in the habitats of butterflies. All of the tropical plants in the greenhouse are from Florida and many of them are banana plants.

The butterflies you see through the greenhouse are from butterfly farms in Costa Rica. The farms where the butterflies stay breed different species of butterflies in greenhouses. At the museum, the butterflies are looked after by an animal care team who handle, feed and care for the butterflies. You will be totally immersed in a tropical environment filled with colourful butterflies. 

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While you're in the butterfly sanctuary it's important to move slowly so that if there are any butterflies planning to land on you, you can grab a cute photo. It is also super important that you respect the butterflies and are super gentle. If you wear bright colours butterflies might be more attracted to you, so if you're trying to make a butterfly land on you wear your colourful outfit.  

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The butterfly exhibition will run until April 2nd, so you have less than a month to plan your visit. Make sure you buy your ticket's ahead of time because there is a timed ticket policy. The museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm through the week but it is closed on Mondays. For more information about ticket pricing and other exhibitions visit the museum's website here

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