We all need to get away sometimes, but a lot of the time, money is tight. However, that doesn't always have to be the case. You deserve to travel and have fun with your BFFs while not breaking the bank. There is nothing like seeing the beauty of the world through your own eyes, and you can do that. Especially with these amazing deals (you can thank me later).

With midterms, exams, papers and final projects, maybe you just can't wait for Christmas break. Or maybe you're working so hard at your job that you need a last minute vacation. I agree with all of those excuses. Even if you don't have a reason, you don't need a reason to relax. This is your sign if you've been looking for one. Go have the time of your life while saving yourself some money. You won't regret it!

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1. Los Angeles, California // $407

Nov 4th – Nov 11th. Book here.

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2. Montego Bay, Jamaica // $580

Nov 7th – Nov 14th. Book here.

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3. Chicago, Illinois // $375

Nov 8th – Nov 15th. Book here.

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4. Shanghai, China // $780

Nov 13th – Nov 26th. Book here.

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5. San José, Costa Rica // $481

Nov 15th – Nov 22nd. Book here.

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6. London, United Kingdom // $637

Nov 15th – Nov 22nd. Book here.

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7. Nashville, Tennesse // $320

Nov 21st – Nov 28th. Book here.

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8. San José del Cabo, Mexico // $492

Nov 14th – Nov 21st. Book here.

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9. Seattle, Washington // $416

Nov 14th – Nov 21st. Book here.

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10. New York City, New York // $276

Nov 2nd – Nov 8th. Book here.

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