Ottawa is a ton of fun and there's always something to do in the city, but sometimes it's nice to get out of the norm and do something different. There are so many things that are super close to Ottawa and are perfect for a quick trip. Whether you head out for the weekend or randomly decide to do it the very day you read this, there's no way you won't have a great time.

Being spontaneous is always extremely fun. Let's be honest, some of the most fun memories we all have are normally somewhat spontaneous. Sometimes when you over plan something your excitement starts to overshadow the actual experience you have! It's time to be spontaneous and do something that's pretty close to the city.

Spend your day under the sun at Calypso Theme Waterpark

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Distance from Ottawa: 30 mins

Calypso Theme Waterpark is the largest waterpark in Canada and you have to visit it this summer. From going on Canada's tallest rides to swimming in the nation's biggest wave pool, you will 100% have a blast. 


Cool off with an ice cream from La Cigale

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Distance from Ottawa: 18 mins

La Cigale is located in Chelsea Quebec and it is totally worth the drive. If you're someone that loves original homemade ice cream then this spot is for you. The shop is located inside of an adorable green house perfect for a few cute Insta's. After eating the amazing ice cream here and soaking up the hot summer sun, you are bound to leave with a massive smile on your face. 


Check out the new sculptures at Mosaïculture Gatineau

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Distance from Ottawa: 10 mins

If you missed the event last summer, don't worry, this summer you can see the amazing Mosaïculture sculptures all over again. After last years success, the Mosaïculture sculptures will be back with stunning new designs. The sculptures will be at Parc Jacques-Cartier until October 15th so you have all summer to see them. This year the event is not free, so be sure to visit their website about ticket information. 


Completely unwind at Nordik Spa Nature

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Distance from Ottawa: 18 mins

This spa is the largest outdoor spa in North America and it will totally transport you to the world of zen. Here you can have a wonderful spa day and feel like you're in complete relaxation mode. Whether you're stressed from work or simply just need a break from it all, this is a great escape from reality.


Have a drink from SHAKER Cuisine & Mixology

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Distance from Ottawa: 29 mins

SHAKER Cuisine & Mixology is a bar and grill located in Gatineau and their drinks are unlike anything you've ever tasted before. Their drinks come in small pots or large pots, also known as mason jars. They have an adult iced coffee, which resembles s'mores, one called merry poppins, and another called walking dead.


Be adventurous at Camp Fortune

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Distance from Ottawa: 24 mins

Climbing ladders, crossing bridges, and ziplining; this tour has it all. If you're looking to change up your usual outdoor activities, this place is for sure a switch up. This spontaneous trip is sure to get your blood pumping and your adrenaline racing!


Go for a swim at Morisson's Quarry

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Distance from Ottawa: 30 mins

Morrison's Quarry is one of the prettiest beaches you'll visit this summer. The water is so turquoise and the views of cliffs are incredible. You  are bound to have an amazing time while at this stunning beach. The beach is only a 30 minute drive outside of Ottawa and it's totally worth it. Make this a fun spontaneous day trip to a gorgeous beach.


Go see the stunning umbrella display hidden in Downtown Gatineau

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Distance from Ottawa: 10 mins

To see those umbrellas, follow the cultural trail in downtown Gatineau and you will be amazed. This is a great place to go for a few cute summer photos. While there you can eat at the patios close by and take in the views of the installation. The umbrellas are the perfect pop of colour to add to your Instagram page! Simply head down Laval Street and you will stumble upon this hidden gem.


Go mini-putting at Dunn-D's

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Distance from Ottawa: 23 mins

Mini-putting is such a fun summer activity. Whether you're going with your bae or your friends there's nothing more fun than being competitive and trying to get that hole in one!


Watch an outdoor movie at Ciné-Parc Templeton

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Distance from Ottawa: 25 mins

Cine-Parc Templeton is a drive in movie theatre and it plays movies throughout the summer. Pack up your popcorn and snacks because it's time to watch a movie like never before. This is the perfect thing to randomly decide to do as you go through your day!


Sip on some coffee from Biscotti & Cie

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Distance from Ottawa: 20 mins

There's nothing better than sipping on an iced coffee on a hot summer day. Biscotti & Cie is super close to Ottawa and totally worth the drive. The aesthetic in the cafe is super chill and they also have a great outdoor patio perfect for a hot summer day!


Go pick some fresh strawberries at Shouldice Berry Farm

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Distance from Ottawa: 27 mins

Until mid July strawberry picking season is in full swing. If you have never had the chance to go strawberry picking, this summer is your shot. Strawberry picking is such a fun activity, whether you're with family or your closest friends, their's nothing better than picking fresh strawberries to eat.


Have fun at Casino Lac Leamy

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Distance from Ottawa:19 mins

If you're tired of doing the same things in Ottawa, try something different and head to the casino. You don't necessarily need to spend all your money, simply have $10 that you'll use towards some games, or even just go for some drinks and dinner!


Take in views while sipping on your drink at Les Brasseurs du Temps

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Distance from Ottawa: 15 mins

Les Brasseurs du Temps is the perfect place to go to enjoy some drinks with an incredible view. This spot is a convivial brewpub offering typical bar bites and beers brewed on-site, plus beer flights as well as live music.


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