Ontario is filled with so many amazing places you can discover. Whether you're someone that's super outdoorsy or someone that prefers chilling at a spa, there really is something for everyone in our amazing province. This summer it's time for you to take a break from doing the same things in your city and explore something totally new. 

So many people go on vacations during the summer, but sometimes we're just to broke to even think about spending a ton on a plane ticket! Instead of craving to travel to Europe, get to know your own province a little more. There are a ton of little known places in the province you can see this summer instead of going on an expensive vacation. 

Morningstar Mill

Where: 2714 Decew Rd, St. Catharines

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While making your way to a pretty waterfall, this trail will pass by a small swimming hole with a rope swing. You will be in for a fun filled day under the summer sun. The falls is 22 meters high and is surrounded by pretty views. There are tons of hiking trails as well as the fun rope swing!


Bonnechere Caves

Where: 1247 Fourth Chute Rd, Eganville

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Make your way to Renfrew County for a day discovering unique caves. Exploring the caves will teach you about the beautiful Bonnechere Caves. There is a set of stairs leading you into the caves and one that takes you out of the caves. A beautiful trail that passes a sink hole will bring you back. 


Scarborough Bluffs

Where: 1 Brimley Rd S  South of Kingston Rd, Toronto

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Head here to see the most unreal views of Lake Ontario. You'll feel like you stepped into a dreamland. With so many trials and gardens, the Bluffs are truly unreal. If you haven't discovered these beautiful views yet, this summer is your chance to do it!


Tavern On The Falls

Where: 1 John Street, Ottawa

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Tavern On The Falls just opened up in Ottawa and it is a great patio to hit up this summer. While you sip on your drink you will take in views of the Ottawa River as well as the falls. If you don't have a clear view of the falls, you will still here relaxing the sounds of the falls. 


The Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower

Where: 1191 Dorset Scenic Tower Rd, Dwight

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The Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower is a great place to go if you're someone that isn't afraid of heights. The tall tower was built in 1922 and was rebuilt in 1967 and has been standing tall ever since. The tower is 465 feet tall and it gives you a full 360 degree view. 


Ste. Anne's Spa

Where: 1009 Massey Rd, Grafton

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Have a day of full relaxation at Ste. Anne's. This spa focuses on creating an atmosphere to help rebuild your strength, recapture your energy, and reflect on what's important in your life. Taking time for yourself is super important so take some time for yourself this summer. 


French River Provincial Park

Where: Alban

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The French River is the first designated Canadian Heritage River and it's stunning. The unique rock formations are sure to leave you impressed. There is a 105 kilometre canoe route of interconnected lakes, gorges and rapids from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay. If you're not someone who enjoys canoeing you can simply hike around the river and take in the views.


NORTHSIDE Espresso + Kitchen

Where: 281 Princess St, Kingston

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NORTHSIDE Espresso + Kitchen is the most beautiful cafe and they serve such great meals. This cafe is inspired by the thriving cafe culture in Melbourne, Australia. They believe that coffee isn't just a way to wake you up in the morning, instead it's a way of life. Northside combines the three essential parts of Australian cafes, yummy breakfast, friendly service, and third wave coffee.


The Bruce Peninsula Grotto 

Where: Northern Bruce Peninsula

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How stunning is this hidden grotto?! This cave will make you feel like you're somewhere in Greece. This is a perfect place to go if you're way to broke to actually take a trip to Europe. This cave in Ontario will completely let you escape from reality and hide out for the day. Not to mention the lake beside the grotto that has crystal clear water!


Albion Falls

Where: 885 Mountain Brow Blvd, Hamilton

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Albion Falls is a 19 metre high water fall that flows down a series of rocky steps. It's a pretty spot to swim when the weather is hot and it's a great place to take some cute photos. Albion Falls is also a perfect area to go for a summer hike in.


Feline Cafe

Where: 1076 Wellington St W, Ottawa

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A cafe that's filled with cats? Yes, please! Feline Cafe is located in Ottawa and it is the purr-fect place to go for a fun day out. You will spend your day with cats while sipping on your favourite drink and eating a snack. Feline Cafe also does cat yoga every month, so maybe plan your trip to do some cat yoga!


Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Where: 152 Grey County Rd 21, The Blue Mountains

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Everyone deserves a full day to just relax and unwind. At this dreamy spa you will completely escape reality and enjoy the steamy saunas and heated pools. You will be one with nature while at this amazing spa. 


The Vog Vault

Where: 686 Queen St W, Toronto

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This hidden gem is located in the back of the Fluevog shoe store. The building was formerly a TD bank with a vault in the back, and designers have converted it into a "gravity room" featuring a Victorian loveseat and bookshelf. The nine-square-foot room is open to all to take cool photos in.


Long Sault Parkway

Where: Ingleside

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Halfway between Kingston and Montreal, a series of eleven islands sweep in an arc through the St. Lawrence River. A series of causeways and bridges connect these former hilltops of the Lost Villages. These Villages were flooded to make way for the International Seaway and Power Dam project of 1958. Signs of the ghostly communities still remain on the islands!


Brockville Tunnel

Where: 1 Water St W, Brockville

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This dreamy tunnel is half a kilometre long and is filled with energy-efficient lighting that changes colours. The tunnel is completely free to visit and will definitely make you feel like you're in a different country for the day. It's a perfect place to go for some cute pictures!


Sugar Beach

Where: 25 Dockside Dr, Toronto

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This beach is perfect for sunbathing and taking unreal photos! It's located in urban downtown Toronto and is adorable. From the pink umbrellas to the white chairs you will be in awe of this pretty beach! It's a great place to soak up the summer sun, but don't go expecting to swim.


The Sleeping Giant 

Where: Thunder Bay

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Located on the tip of Sibley Peninsula, this park gives breathtaking views of Lake Superior which can be seen at the Top of the Giant Trail and Thunder Bay lookout. There are 80 km of hiking trails and you'll always be able to find wildlife roaming around the park. The turquoise water and stunning rock formations of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park will leave you wondering if you really are in Ontario.


The June

Where: 12351 Loyalist Pkwy, Picton

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Instead of breaking your bank account by travelling to another country, simply have a cute stay-cation. The retro-themed motel is the perfect place to go to for a quick getaway trip. If you're someone that loves interior design and taking photos, then you are bound to have an amazing time here. 


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