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24 Places In Ontario That'll Give Your Insta Major Travel Blogger Vibes


We all have at least one account on Instagram that we follow and constantly admire the places that they travel to. From Turkey to Iceland these travel bloggers are all over the globe! Honestly I don't even understand how these people have so much money laying around to go from one place to the next within weeks. Being broke AF has many downfalls, the biggest for me is the fact that travelling to places that are far, like Greece, costs soooooo much!

What we seem to forget is that there are so many wonderful places in Ontario that will make us feel and look like those travel bloggers we all envy. From sunflower fields to ruins, Ontario is crawling with places where you can get the best Insta ever. Not only will you get a cute photo, you'll also have so many memories of the roadtrip to Perth or the boat ride to the 1000 Islands. These memories are far more valuable than any photo you can take. 

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If you haven't already explored your province of Ontario, it's time to start planning. With the new year around the corner, why not make it a goal of yours to discover more and do more! There are so many cute towns in Ontario and they are all worth visiting at least once in your life. Travel bloggers always pose in front of super unique buildings, whether it's colourful or just rustic, a great building makes a great backdrop. Natural views are also essential to every travel blogger Insta, whether they're in lavender fields or just taking a hike, the natural views are crucial to any Insta profile. 

Cute Towns

Unique Buildings

Natural Beauties

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