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9 Beautiful Cottages You Can Rent For $25, $50, And $100 In Ontario

A perfect getaway.

Just because summer is over doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Cottages, in my opinion, are more fun in the fall because of how cozy they are. You can stay inside and play board games, go for walks without dying of heat, and sit by the fire in sweats. Yes please. 

Ontario is a stunning place, and right by the water are some of the most beautiful cottages you can rent. We all need to get in one getaway before the snow starts falling and we become miserable. Besides, don't we all deserve a little getaway?!

Here are some beautiful cottages for around $25, $50, or under $100 dollars. 

Disclaimer: these prices do not include additional fees for extra guests, boat rentals, cleaning, etc. All seasons have different prices and may be cheaper or more expensive for your preferred time as well as the number of guests. 

What Are You Looking For?

Around $25 A Night

Around $50 A Night

Around $100 Or Less A Night

For Around $25 A Night, Click "NEXT" 

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