Yep- you heard it right, Europea Restaurant in Montreal serves cotton candy trees resembling pink cherry blossom trees! Fluffs of rich, pink fairy floss is swirled together and then carefully placed on a beautiful dark presentation stand, resembling the skeleton of a tree. It looks exquisite!

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That's not the entirety of the dessert though, below the tree stand is a tray containing a wide assortment of luscious biscuits, cookies and baked goods. They also feature charming bags of sweets that hang from the tree branches, for you to take home. What an adorable idea!

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This aesthetically-pleasing, visual piece of art is the perfect way to end your evening, whether it's a birthday, dinner out with friends, anniversary, or plain ol' dinner date. The dessert is wow-worthy though to impress the entire table and put everyone in a good mood. 

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This extravagant restaurant in Montreal offers set dinner tasting menus as well as an a la carte menu. Some dishes they offer: 

  • Lobster Guédille $ 29.50: Salad with crunchy vegetables. Yuzu juice and green apple. Blood sorrel leaves and candied lemon
  • Coded Squid $ 26.50: Tagliatelle al dente lemon with garlic butter croutons and cuttlefish ink. Comes with parmesan emulsion and poached quail egg
  • Signature foie gras $ 29.50: Portion of foie gras with a homemade tea towel. Crispy langoustines with tarragon leaves. Little homemade brioche. Lemon beet and green apple smoothie
  • Scallops $ 56.50: Caramelized scallops in gremolata crust burned with a torch. Asparagus risotto with parmesan and beetroot chips. Young spinach sprouts, thought petals and lemonade juice 

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I know what you're thinking... what the heck are thought petals?! They are beautiful edible flowers that meticulously garnish the plate. 

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Restaurant Europea is located at 1227 Mountain H3G 1Z2, Montreal in Quebec. They are open every day of the week, their hours vary. 

Visit their official website for more details.

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