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This Swimming Hole 30 Minutes From Ottawa Needs To Be On Your Summer Bucket List

Summer goals.

Now that spring is here, we're already thinking about summer. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely planning road trips, day trips, and just hangouts with friends already. I mean, you gotta start somewhere?! It's really never too early to start planning for summer, especially when we've had a brutal winter. And one thing about Ottawa is that if you want a beach day, good luck. You can tan all you want but the water is never promising. 

Well, I found something even better than a beach. Just 30 minutes from Ottawa is a hidden gem that will change the summer game. Since we always complain about our lack of beaches, this is definitely a step up! 

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Located in Wakefield, Quebec, this short drive will take you to one of the most beautiful spots near Ottawa, Morrison's Quarry. It's definitely the clearest water you'll see anywhere near Ottawa, which means you can spend all day splashing around with your friends. Although this site is usually used for scuba diving training, and also used for the highest bungee jump in Canada, that doesn't mean you can't chill out and relax here! 

Not like this spot could get better, but you can BBQ here, use the slide, and tan on the floating deck they have. You'll for sure never want to leave Morrison's Quarry, but it's a good thing that it only takes a half hour to get here. Bring your BFFs, your bae, or even a solo trip would be so relaxing. 

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Morrison's Quarry is not free, but it won't break the bank either. It's only $10 per person, and you can bring your own food to save money as well! This is more than the perfect spot to spend a summer afternoon, and I can promise you'll have a great time. The $10 is totally worth all of the memories. 

For more information on Morrison's Quarry, check out their website here. And add this to your summer bucket list ASAP! 

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