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You Can Now Travel From Ottawa To Toronto For Only $44 This Holiday Season

I'll be home for Christmas.

Travelling can be expensive during the holiday season, but VIA Rail has made sure that isn't the case this year. 

From Ottawa to Toronto as well as Toronto to Ottawa, VIA Rail has dropped their prices to $44 only! For select dates, mostly during the week, you can travel to the 6ix for such a cheap price. The deal even stands on Christmas Eve and Christmas, which is amazing since travel companies usually rack up the price on holidays. See an example below: 

Via VIA Rail

Christmas Day: 

Via VIA Rail

Even though the most expensive tickets during the holiday season are $75, you'll still want to take advantage of this amazing deal VIA Rail has put on. I would recommend booking ASAP, since the holidays are the busiest time to travel and it will definitely fill up fast. 

Via VIA Rail

You're allowed to bring one personal bag and one large item on the train or two small bags.

If you don't have plans for the holidays, want to go home to see your family, or just want to plan a trip, this is your sign! $44 is nothing, so what are you waiting for?!

Happy travelling! 

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