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This Street In Ontario Was Voted The Worst In All Of The Province And Here's Why

This is Ontario's most hated street.

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians across Ontario have submitted their votes on the worst street in the province, and the results are officially in. For the second year in a row, Burlington Street East in Hamilton is Ontario's most hated street. 

According to CAA, 75% of voters say that potholes on Burlington Street are to blame. 14% of people say its the lack of cycling infrastructure, and 10% blame the street's constant congestion. 

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More than 3,500 Ontario residents voted in, with drivers representing three quarters of the total votes. Cyclists and pedestrians each made up 9% of the votes. 

In Toronto, it's no surprise that Eglinton Avenue East was voted the worst in the city. Eglinton is undergoing one of the biggest travel expansions in North America, making it even more unpleasant for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike. 

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Other Toronto streets at the top of the list are Yonge Street, Eglinton Avenue East and Steeles Avenue east, all of which are located in the city's north end, and are an absolute nightmare to be on at any time of day.

Across the province, these roads also made the top ten - County Road 49 in Prince Edward County,  Avondale Road in Belleville, Duckworth Street in Barrie, Drummond Road in Niagara Falls, Pelham Road in St. Catherines and Lockhart Road in Innisfil. 

To see the full list of Ontario's worst roads, click here.

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