Hidden within the concrete jungle of Toronto is an unassuming place where one can escape the city and achieve a moment of peace.

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The Donnelly Centre is a leading institute for cellular and biomolecular research nestled within the city's discovery district. The building may look like any other contemporary building in the area, but one step inside will reveal a surprising space that is completely opposite of the urban environment outside. 

Known to UofT students but a secret to many, the Donnelly Centre houses a beautiful bamboo garden that is open to both campus-goers and the public. The indoor space is lined with thick, bamboo forests and tropical shrubs that make it feel like a Japanese garden. Wooden decks and benches are also set up at various corners of the atrium, inviting visitors to take a break.

Architects from Alliance/Behnisch used a blend of daylight and artificial light to create a dreamlike ambience. Colourful glass curtain walls also provides a stunning backdrop for the forest.

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Visit the Donnelly Centre at 160 College St. today!

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