Growing up in Toronto, my family often went to Chinatown when we ate out. As someone who has never been to Asia, Chinese restaurants in Chinatown are as authentic as they get. The majority of places to eat in Chinatown are Chinese or Vietnamese, but there are a number of other types of cuisines as well.

Some of these are old and dear to me and some of these are fairly new. A lot of these restaurants have multiple locations, so you know they're actually good. Here are my picks for the best places to eat in Chinatown.

1. Rol San // 323 Spadina Ave.

Dim sum is love, dim sum is life.


2. Nguyen Huong Vietnamese Sandwiches // 322 Spadina Ave.

Try the Vietnamese assorted sandwich or the BBQ pork sandwich. Their desserts are also delicious.


3. Pho Hung // 350 Spadina Ave.

Vietnamese soup is pho good. Don't forget to try their avocado milkshake (which tastes better than it sounds).


4. Lucky Red // 318 Spadina Ave.

Try their hambaoger – it tastes like an Asian Big Mac.


5. Pho Xe Lua // 254 Spadina Ave.

Their pho is good, and so are their BBQ meatballs. They're also known as Train.


6. Asian Legend // 418 Dundas St. W

Come here for traditional Northern Chinese dim sum and stir-fry.


7. Owl of Minerva // 280 Spadina Ave.

Try the kalbi or pork bone soup.


8. Ajisen Ramen // 332 Spadina Ave.

I never knew how much I needed ramen in my life until I tried it for the first time.


9. STAY Cafeteria // 388 Spadina Ave.

Asian-fusion food is my favourite kind of Asian food. They've also got a selection of delicious desserts including shaved ice and matcha creme brulee.


10. Peoples Eatery // 307 Spadina Ave.

Their menu includes Asian-fusion items as well as non-Asian items. They've also got a great selection of cocktails if you're looking for somewhere to drink in Chinatown.


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