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The 11 Best BBQ Spots In Toronto

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There is no better excuse for BBQ than warm weather! Actually, to be honest you don't need an excuse to absolutely destroy a plate of BBQ, but if warm weather makes you feel better about it, then you do you.

At least one of these spots on our list  are sure to satisfy your craving.  Let the food babies commence, because Toronto is about to muck on just about every type of meat, potato and pickled vegetable out there.

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1. Pig Out BBQ // 650 Spadina Ave.

BBQ can easily get pretty expensive, but this place keeps it affordable and delicious.  Above is the Jr. Pig Out Platter, which runs for around $30 and can easily please two people!

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2. Appalachia BBQ // 972 The Queensway.

Appalachia is known for their mouth-watering brisket!  This place makes sure to slow cook all their meat, making everything super tender.

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3. Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ // 673 Danforth Ave. 

BBQ can now be for breakfast too!  Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ offers a pulled pork eggs benny (as seen above) that is perfect for Sunday brunch!

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4. Little Piggy's // 5 Glen Cameron Rd.

This is a great Korean BBQ spot with built-in grills, which allows for a more immersive dining experience!  This is the perfect place for a first date becuase you not only get to eat together, but you also cook together.

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5. Stack Restaurant // 3265 Yonge St.

If you decide to hit up Stack be sure to try their beef brisket, baby back ribs or fish tacos.  They are all super delicious, and worth every penny!

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6. Smoque N’ Bones // 869 Queen St W.

Smoque N' Bones serves up amazing BBQ!  Be sure to pair your meat of choice with the sweet potato waffle fries & chipotle mayo, they are 100% worth the hype!

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7. Adamson Barbecue // 176 Wicksteed Ave.

Make sure to get to this spot early, becuase it fills up quick! Adamson BBQ is the ultimate comfort food and definitely gives the taste of a home cooked meal!

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8. Electric Mud BBQ // 5 Brock Ave.

Electric Mud BBQ is a fairly well known spot in the city.  The food is extremely flavourful and the shrimp is unbelievable!

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9. Big Crow // 176 Dupont St.

Caesars and Salmon Poke are a must-try at this spot! Be sure to check out Big Crow, they are located at the back of Rose & Sons.

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10. Aft Kitchen & Bar: Barbecue // 686 Queen Street E. 

Aft is one of the few places in Toronto that offers consistent hours everyday of the week, which makes it super easy to hit this place up on a Sunday night! Be sure to try the beef brisket.

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11. Korean Grill House // 214 Queen St W.


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