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11 Best Places To Get Guacamole In Toronto

Yeah I get it, guac is extra.

I feel like you can't just like guacamole, you have to love guacamole.

Guac is the perfect excuse to try and pass up chips as healthy.  I mean if you cover a chip in a mushy vegetable it's basically a salad, right? Either way, I think that if everyone consumed more guac we would live in a happier city.  So grab your pal, head to a patio, order one of these plates of guacamole and wash it down with tequila.

Enjoy Toronto! 

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1. Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St.

Sneaky Dee's offers huge helpings of their guacamole on top of a mountain of nachos, which is ideal when wrapping up a night out!

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2. El Trompo // 277 Augusta Ave.

El Trompo's guac definitely has a kick to it and is garnished their with coriander, which makes for an awesome and flavourful dish!

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3. Frida // 999 Eglinton Ave W.

At Frida their guac is available for dine-in and take-out, which makes it even easier to get your hands on!

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4. El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane.

At El Cartin you know the guacamole is fresh, becuase they make it right in front of you! 

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5. Barrio Coreano // 642 Bloor St W.

Be sure to make your reservations, because this spot is usually pretty packed!  Barrio Coreano serves up huge portions, so you're sure to be satisfied.

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6. Mad Mexican // 405 Jane St.

Mad Mexican serves their guac with the option of arbol chili oil, which is sure to spice things up for those who love heat!

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7. Grand Electric // 1330 Queen St W.

Grand Electric does a great job with a simple and fresh guacamole.  They also top their guac with shredded radish to give more texture and crunch!

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8. Xola // 2222 Queen St E.

Xola offers a guacamole sampler, which gives you three different types of guacamole to enjoy! 

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9. Seven Lives - Tacos y Mariscos // 69 Kensington Ave.

Seven lives makes a super creamy guacamole that usually makes an appearance on some of their delicious tacos!

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10. Chachos // 234 Merton St.

Chachos guac is served with house made corn chips, which makes for extra tasty flavour and texture!

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11. Oats and Ivy // 127A, 171 Liberty St.

Oats and Ivy offers an awesome guac and chip box that is perfect for a summer picnic in the city!

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