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11 Best Spots To Grab Brunch In Toronto Right Now

Weekends are for waffles.

Let's do brunch. It is the meal every squad looks forward to after an awesome night out. There is just something so appealing about sleeping in past noon and later indulging in the smell of fresh bacon and eggs. Brunch satisfies that delicious-greasy-goodness craving we all get the morning after.

There seems to be a "brunch trend" brewing amongst the restaurant scene and Toronto is certainly rising to the occasion. If you haven't tried the following spots for brunch yet, you are seriously missing out. You are welcome Torontonians, for showing you the amazing brunches that await you on the other side of your nights out!

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Photo cred - @weslodge

1. Weslodge // 480 King St. West

This upscale southern-style saloon has the most to-die-for and unique items on their brunch menu. Sign me up for some of those pancakes with bourbon maple syrup, peach preserve and chantilly cream! ??

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Photo cred - @leannaliang77

2. Old School // 800 Dundas St. West

This "simple neighbourhood eatery" serves a brunch that is anything but simple! Don't those chicken and waffles with delectable vanilla whipped cream look amazing?!

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Photo cred - @tastetoronto

3. The Starving Artist // 584 Lansdowne Ave.

Attenttion! This place serves all day brunch and to top it off, EVERYTHING is served on top of waffles. ?

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Photo cred - @thatsotee

4. Cafe Belong // 550 Bayview Ave.

Served Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 3, this place will leave you satisfied. The cool part about this spot is that you will never get bored of it because the menu changes daily!

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Photo cred - @gusto101to

5. Gusto 101 // 101 Portland St.

The name speaks for itself! "Gusto" literally means tasty in Italian.

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Photo cred - @jxi430

6. Saving Grace // 907 Dundas St. West

The wait is worth it. You are sure to find a line-up to get into this place, but you'll quickly understand why when you try their brunch masterpieces.

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Photo cred - @mattseager

7. Easy Restaurant // 1645 Queen St. West

Eating here is definitely easy. Hit up this place for their weekday special of three delicious breakfast tacos for just $9.95.

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Photo cred - @daniellegadams 

8. Aunties and Uncles / 74 Lippincott St.

Have you ever had a breakfast burger? Get your brunch fix at this homey eatery where there is not a single breakfast staple left off the menu.

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Photo cred - @msjacqueline_

9. Roses and Sons // 176 Dupont St.

You can look at their website for an idea on what to expect, however the menu changes often so don't get your heart set on something before you get there!

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Photo cred - @alexnic23

10. Origin // 107 King St. East

Celebrating the diverse cuisines around the world, this place will put a cultural spin on your traditional brunch.

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Photo cred - @roginaaa

11. Le Petit Déjeuner // 191 King St. East

This family business is sure to start your day off right. Enjoy your belgian-candian breakfast staples that will make you leave with a smile on your face.

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