Don't get me wrong, dressing up for a night out is often half the fun, but more often than not, going that extra mile can be a major pain. Whether it's because you've accepted that you will never be able to walk comfortably in heels, or just want a carefree night to dance around like an idiot with your friends, these are the perfect bars for a chilled out night- no dress code required! 

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The Libertine // 1307 Dundas St W 

The Libertine is a super cool spot, and while people definitely dress up to hit this place up because of how well designed the interior is, definitely don't feel pressured to! Tons of people rock the under-dressed street style when they visit so yes, your literal "I just got out of bed outfit" probably will pass considering they'll think you did it on purpose for the aesthetic. 

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Nightowl // 647 College St 

Nightowl has quickly become many local's favourite spot to grab a drink for a ton of reasons. For starter's the design of the space is absolutely ace, from the wallpapered bathrooms to the eccentric design touches in the main area, you'll find yourself whipping out your phone way too many times to snag a shot of this spot! Apart from how the place looks, they've got a great bar and selection of arcade games for you to place if dancing isn't your thing! 

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Dance Cave // 529 Bloor St W 

Dance Cave is THE place to go if you want to show up underdressed and not look out of place. You could literally wear anything and they'd still let you in (for free might I add if you show your student card). Not only can you pull up in sneakers but they play the best music AND take requests. 

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Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St 

Sneaky Dee's can be a ton of fun, but the place gets especially rowdy during their themed dance parties, which are my personal favourite. From The O.C to One Direction themed nights, you are guaranteed to hear anything for classic pop anthems to the newest songs topping the charts. Since you won't be wearing heels, you'll be able to dance all night to their entire setlist without a foot injury! 

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Grace O' Malley's // 14 Duncan St 

While tons of people show up to Gracies in heels, it's definitely not required and the spot can be a ton of fun! Though keep in mind that the locals are either a) underage or b) played hockey at some point in their lives. 

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The Underground Garage // 365 King St W 

Not only is casual attire tolerate at The Underground Garage, but it's encouraged! This spot hosts some massive parties for lively student crowds, so if that's your demo, you've definitely got to party at this spot at least once! 

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Apt. 200 // 1034 Queen St W 

Apt. 200 is another super trendy spot that is not only impeccably designed but the perfect place for you and your friends to dance around sans a high maintenance outfit. Plus there are tons of cute spots to snap an IG photo or two! 

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The Madison Ave Pub // 14 Madison Ave 

The Maddy is a student staple and is constantly flooded with Ryerson and U of T students, so if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a low maintenance night out but still be surrounded by people around your age, look no further! 

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The Old Sod // 2936 Bloor St W 

If you are looking for a pub more in Toronto's West end, look no further than The Old Sod. They've got great karaoke nights and the perfect setting for anyone who wants to grab a drink with friends and just have a low maintenance night out! 

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Rock 'n' Horse // 250 Adelaide St W 

Considering this is a country bar I'm going to assume the extent of a dress code they enforce is that you've got to be wearing some sort of plaid. Regardless, if you are a fan of country music this is probably your prime option if you want to hear a country exclusive setlist that you can dance around to in sneakers.. or cowboy boots. 

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The Crocodile Rock // 240 Adelaide St W 

The Croc Rock is truly such a great time. From the cheap drinks to the lively student crowd, it's a surefire fun night out that doesn't involve you needing to get all dolled up to pass through the bouncers. Plus, they end every night by playing Crocodile Rock by Elton John... what else could you ask for?! 

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