Everyone wants to have the "perfect" Instagram profile. There are certain things you need to consider in order to achieve the fleek look. Filters can only do so much to a photo, therefore it's important to be in the right setting, have the proper lighting and eye catching decor.

Many places in Toronto are very Instagrammable, but there are certain restaurants in the city which have specific features that will make all your followers jealous. In order to increase the amount of likes (since it's such a big deal now a days), here's a list including 11 of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Toronto that are very appealing and worth the capture:

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1. Byblos // 11 Duncan St. 

The decor and accessories presented at Byblos is what makes it so Instagram worthy. The  plates, chandeliers, tea pots, shishas, carpets, tiles and furniture are visually appealing due to their blue,white,gold and rose tones. The geometric shapes and overall design underlines the Middle Eastern, yet modern atmosphere presented at Byblos.

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2. Miss Thing's // 1279 Queen St W.

Once you enter the doors at Miss Thing's, you'll transport straight to Hawaii. This paradise-like restaurant has vacation tones, floral arrangements and murals, made in fruit cocktails and traditional Hawaiin cuisine that is very Instagrammable.

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3. The Chase // 10 Temperance St.

The interior and exterior décor is very inviting and at The Chase. The simple colours and symmetrical design appeals to the eye and camera. And of course, one of the most Instagramble dishes is served at The Chase, their fabulous seafood platter.

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4. The Drake Sky Yard // 1150 Queen St W.

The Sky Yard is one of Toronto's best year round rooftops. The geometrical patterns, bright colors, murals and variety of quotes displayed on the walls will make the picture absolutely perfect.

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5. La Société // 131 Bloor St W.

La Société is the Frenchiest of French restaurants in Toronto. The design, atmosphere and statement pieces are totally c'est la vie. The stained glass provides the perfect lighting, the floral arrangements have a lot of color, and the beautiful pottery and overall lavish decor will create a super luxurious Insta photo.

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6. Fring's // 455 King St W.

If you haven't already taken a photo at Drake's and Susur Lee's restaurant, you're way behind on the Toronto Insta game. Fring's has become a total hot spot in the city not only because it's owned by a famous chef and the 6ix God, but because of it's interior design and statement pieces such as the 6 on a wave lit up sign are super hip.

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7. Patria // 478 King St W.

This traditional Spanish, tapas eatery is a great place to take very culture like Instagram photos. Take photos of the cross stitched mural and authentic paintings, go for the magical gateway entrance for a couples photo, a snap of the food presentation or a mirror selfie with a girlfriend in the fancy marble washrooms will capture the attention of all your followers.

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9. Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St.

Bar Reyna is a new addition to the heart of Yorkville. The 2-storey Victorian house has an extensive cocktail list , jewel tones, gold accents, ornament lights and a beautiful all year long patio that has a brick wall that is ideal for an Insta background.

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10. Locals Only // 589 King St W.

Everyone takes photos in the Locals Only washroom. The bright lighting, the "pop art wall", as well as the beautiful flamingo and rose murals will get you hundreds of hearts and comments.

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11. America Restaurant // 325 Bay St. 

America is located on the 31st floor of the Trump Tower. The colorful lightning, modern-chic design, velvet couches, minimalistic art, lavish cocktails and gourmet dishes will have your followers asking which fancy restaurant you're dining at.

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