Choosing between having a social life or being a a good student and studying is a daunting decision, especially when you're in a city like Toronto. This city is a social life paradise, so it's understandable that it can take a toll when you want to be a good student too.

That being said, Toronto has amazing spots that allow for you to be the social butterfly that you are, and still be on top of your studies. The list below has the perfect places for you to study, but still ace your social life, because in a city like Toronto, any spot can become a social gathering!

Boxcar Social

Where: 70 Temperance St // Financial District

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Why should you go: Even though it has many locations in the city, this one is located in the heart of the Financial District, meaning with the hustle and bustle of this location, you'll be sure to catch the eyes of many! You can study while grabbing a coffee- or a cold glass of the many fine beers they have on tap. 


Robarts Library

Where: 130 St. George St E. // Discovery District

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Why should you go: You see library, I see one of my favourite social spots. This might not be the ideal place for a social gathering, but where else do you find a bunch of other students crying over the essay they have due in 2 hours that they haven't started? Misery loves company!


Bodega Henriette

Where: 1801 Gerrard St E. // Upper Beaches

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Why should you go: Located inside an old Irish pub, this location is a bar, restaurant and cafe all in one! You can study, grab a meal, and still catch up with Erika on the juicy gossip. 


Tokyo Smoke

Where: 850 Adelaide St W. // Trinity Bellwoods

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Why should you go: Cute little coffee shops make for intimate social settings. Space is limited, so this gives you the chance to sit with someone you don't know and spark a conversation about why you have a millions notes out in front of you- what better way to test your knowledge and make a new friend?


Trinity Bellwoods Park

Where: 790 Queen St W. // Trinity Bellwoods

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Why should you go: The weather outside is still gorgeous, so why not take your notes, your pals and a picnic to one of the nicest parks in the city! In between sandwiches, you can whip out the study goods or take a break and kick around a soccer ball. Plus, there's puppies everywhere.


Student Learning Centre

Where: 341 Yonge St // Garden District

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Why should you go: This amazing building is always busy with people. It allows for you to have a study session that isn't all work and no play. With it's endless space, you can be productive in any corner, and still manage to not throw your social life out the door!


Balzac's Coffee

Where: 1 Trinity St // Distillery District

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Why should you go: This place screams "INSTAGRAM ME!" The location, the aesthetic appeal, and lots of space makes this a great place to study, but being located in the Distillery District, you can be sure to meet some amazing people here too that will give you the perfect study break. 


Tequila Bookworm

Where: 512 Queen St W. // Alexandra Park


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Why should you go: Being social while studying are two worlds that make the perfect collision here! Laid back vibes make this place a sweet spot to have a study session, and once your'e done cramming in that essay, you can grab some eats and drinks to celebrate- all in one location!


Centre Island

Where: 9 Queens Quay W // Harbourfront

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Why should you go: Toronto Islands have been flooded all summer, but was opened up towards the end of the summer. With the weather still beautiful, take those essays you have to write, or the notes you need to study, with your friends to the island! Lots of picnic tables and spaces for you to get the study session going, but also little escapes all over the island to give you a break!


7 West Cafe

Where: 7 Charles St W. // Yorkville

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Why should you go: Open 24hrs, this is your go to late night study session spot, with the social aspect you still want. They say nothing good happens after 2am, but here you'll be sure to find others burning the midnight oil with you- whether it's old friends, or it's a night to mingle and meet new friends over your pile of books.


Quantum Coffee 

Where: 460 King St W. // Entertainment District

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Why should you go: King St. is a great place to meet and mingle with people on any day, so going to a coffee shop there to study will not take away from your social scene, but add to it!


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