Birthdays can be the best time of the year, but they can also get pretty stressful if you are planning out something in celebration of your partner's big day. It always seems impossible to figure out which restaurant will be the best from ambiance, decor and food. Plus take into consideration if you've got a possible budget you can't go over, it can seem hard to find a restaurant that fits the bill. 

Luckily for you, we've made it easy by compiling 11 of the best restos in the city that make for the perfect place to celebrate your partner's birthday. Whether you are looking for a low-key eccentric spot or a sleek, modern and bougie space- we've got you covered, all you've got to do is make a reservation! 


Where: 633 King St W 

via @killaxkels

Type: Italian 

Most popular item: Chitarrina and Vitello 

Price: ðŸ’¸ ðŸ’¸  

Why you should go: The ambiance alone in this well-designed spot is enough to make you want to take your partner there for dinner on their special day. Though their food lives up to the hype of their interior as they serve up some incredible Italian comfort food! 


The Chase

Where: 10 Temperance St 

via @thechaseto

Type: Seafood 

Most popular item: The diamond platter  

Price: ðŸ’¸ ðŸ’¸ ðŸ’¸ ðŸ’¸ 

Why you should go: While this spot definitely will cost you a pretty penny, the seafood is unbelievable at this spot. The diamond platter especially has everything a seafood lover could ever want! It's also a great way to try out everything the spot has to feature in regards to seafood! 


Miss Things 

Where: 1279 Queen St W 

via @finest_one

Type: Ecelectic 

Most popular item:  Anything from their raw bar as well as their poké bowl. 

Price: ðŸ’¸ ðŸ’¸  

Why you should go: This spot is a great place to take your partner for their birthday if they can appreciate a good tropical aesthetic as well as a mixture of seafood and fried foods! From their raw bar to their main dishes like fried chicken and lau lau, everything is incredible- and some dishes are served in a pineapple bowl! 



Where: 3 Charles St E 

via @b_moosvi

Type: Brunch 

Most popular item: Avocado toast and eggs benedict. 

Price: ðŸ’¸ ðŸ’¸

Why you should go: If your partner loves brunch, this is the spot to go. The spot has a great ambiance, adorable decor inside and a ton of options whether you want to grab breakfast or are looking for a hearty lunch! 


Pizzeria Libretto

Where: 155 University Ave 

via @pizzalibretto

Type: Italian 

Most popular item: Margharita pizza. 

Price: ðŸ’¸ ðŸ’¸ 

Why you should go:  If you are seriously stumped on where to take your partner for dinner, look no further than a pizza spot! Pizzeria Libretto is a safe bet to impress your date considering their fresh pizzas can do no wrong! 


416 Snack Bar

Where: 181 Bathurst St 

via @416snackbar

Type: Snack food 

Most popular item: Korean fried chicken 

Price: ðŸ’¸ 

Why you should go:  If your partner is the type to only order appetizers at restaurants, this is the perfect place to take them. Considering all of the food on the menu is made to share and is snack sized, it's also great if you hate using cutlery! 



Where: 66 Wellington St W 

via @anniedelisle281

Type: French 

Most popular item: Ash crusted beef rib eye

Price: ðŸ’¸ 💸 💸 💸

Why you should go: This is a great place to go to if you and your date can appreciate a good steak while enjoying a killer view. Canoe's view of the city is second to none and they also host an incredible raw bar if you aren't a steak lover! 



Where: 90 Yorkville Ave

via @thegreycanvas 

Type: French 

Most popular item: Braised Lamb and Roasted Squash salad with Champagne Vinaigrette 

Price: ðŸ’¸ 💸 💸 💸

Why you should go: The space features tons of windows so if you are a fan of natural light and a welcoming ambiance, this is definitely the place to go. Though the ambiance isn't the only thing going for this spot as their homey French-inspired eats and guaranteed to satisfy your cravings- just make sure to arrive with an empty stomach! 



Where: 100 Cumberland St  

via @stewarkr

Type: French-Canadian   

Most popular item: The 'Quebec magret duck breast' and the 'Ontario Cornish Hen.'

Price: ðŸ’¸ 💸 💸 💸

Why you should go: They've got a great list of unique cocktails to offer. While their drinks are incredible, what's so great about Sassafraz doesn't stop there. Their staple French-inspired cuisine is hearty and delicious, you are sure to be impressed with the meal this spot puts together for you! 


Midfield Wine Bar

Where: 1434 Dundas St W 

via @piefelicia

Type: Eclectic  

Most popular item: The 'foie gras torchon' and fried veal sweetbreads.

Price: ðŸ’¸ 💸

Why you should go: This is a great spot if you, your partner or both of you are vegetarian! The spot not only offers an extensive and impressive wine list but they've got a ton of vegetarian options that taste just as incredible as the meat dishes on the menu! 


Hawthorne Food and Drink 

Where: 60 Richmond St E.

via @adds29

Type: Canadian 

Most popular item: Beef and trout dishes. 

Price: ðŸ’¸ 💸

Why you should go: Hawthorne is a spot where you aren't only guaranteed a fresh meal made from ingredients that are sourced from Ontario, but also a meal that is sustainably friendly! So if you are a fan of ethically produced food as well as dishes that are as fresh as they can get, check out this spot to try what Ontario cuisine has to offer!


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