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11 Unreal Milkshakes You Can Get In Toronto This Summer

Satisfy your sweet tooth!

Summer is officially here and that means ice cream and milkshakes! The best part of summer is treating yourself to sugary sweets and Toronto has a whole bunch of crazy milkshakes that you need to try ASAP!

The milkshakes at these Toronto shops are served in massive mason jars, endless toppings, and unique flavours that literally everyone will enjoy. Some of these spots you may have already heard of but some of these you probably haven't!

Either way you definitely need to use this list as a bucket list of all the best milkshakes to try with your friends this summer!

MoRoCo Chocolat

Where: 215 Madison Ave // The Annex

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MoRoCo Chocolat is actually an award-winning chocolate shop for their impeccably hand crafted chocolates. They've officially started selling their unreal milkshakes for the summer season and they have a secret menu that they only reveal in-store when you go to purchase one!

Short & Sweet Cupcakes

Where: 1945 Avenue Rd // North York

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The Short and Sweet Bakeshop is known for their outrageous cakes, cookies and milkshakes. Some of the crazy "Monster Shake" flavours they make include their raspberry cheesecake shake, American Pie shake, their Netflix and Chill shake, their milk and cereal shake and so many more!

Cafe Nuna

Where: 626 Queen St W // West Queen West

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Previously known as Niche Cafe, Cafe Nuna got a huge makeover but still offers their crazy milkshakes that made them so popular. They even make massive milkshakes that are 100% vegan! Their other milkshakes are topped with things like chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, waffles, caramel popcorn, and so much more!

Peace Treats

Where: 131 Ossington Ave // Trinity Bellwoods

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By now every Torontonian knows about Peace Treats, the crazy milkshake bar located inside the Peace Collective clothing store on Ossington. Their shakes are honestly unreal, topped with things like ice cream scoops, mini donuts, birthday cake, S'mores, and specials for every season!

Hollywood Cone

Where: 1167 Queen St W // West Queen West

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Hollywood Cone is another one of Toronto's incredibly popular dessert spots that makes insane milkshakes. Some of the crazy flavours of shakes they offer include strawberry pop tart shakes, black forest cake shakes, cap n' crunch shakes, frozen hot chocolate shakes, peanut butter oreo shakes and so many more!

Holy Chuck

Where: 586 Yonge St // Church & Wellesley

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Holy Chuck is famous for their unreal burgers that are bigger than your face and topped with more toppings than any one person can handle. While you'll definitely get a burger while you're here, they also have a huge menu of specialty shakes that sound unreal. You can try their bacon, fudge and sea salt shake, gradma's apple pie shake, peanut butter and jelly shake, Reese's pieces and banana shake and way more.

Sweet Jesus

Where: 106 John St // Downtown Toronto

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Sweet Jesus blew up the ice cream world in Toronto when they opened due to their outrageous toppings on their massive soft serve cones. Now they've expanded their menu to things like hot chocolate, sundaes and milkshakes! They have 3 milkshake flavours so far: red velvet cake batter, triple chocolate and peanut butter, pretzel and nutella!

Bean & Baker

Where: 326 Harbord St // Koreatown

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Bean & Baker is definitely the prettiest diner you'll ever find in Toronto. The aesthetic of this place is so on point and their pop floats and shakes are classic diner style with their own unique twist! This Malt Shop offers shakes in flavours like chocolate cherry jubilee, lemon meringue, cinnamon toast crunch, and so much more! They always feature a new shake flavour of the month so you never know what you're going to get.

Dutch Dreams

Where: 36 Vaughn Rd // Wychwood Park

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Dutch Dreams is known for their unreal ice cream cones topped with insane things like cotton candy, fruits, and more with their cones coated in sprinkles and other toppings. They also make milkshakes here where you can choose your ice cream flavour and they'll add some crazy toppings to it for you!

Rose and Sons

Where: 176 Dupont St // Casa Loma

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Rose and Sons is a cozy diner that serves elevated deli eats! It's a great spot for sandwiches at lunch or brunch on the weekends. They serve some amazing milkshakes in flavours like peanut butter and jelly, wild blueberry, caramel and classic chocolate and vanilla.

Stack Restaurant

Where: 3265 Yonge St // Yonge & Lawrence

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Stack Restaurant is a 2 storey BBQ joint that serves massive plates of unreal BBQ! They also make some infamous milkshakes in crazy flavours like cinnamon sugar donut shakes, key lime pie shakes, S'mores and Oreos in one shakes, and even a surprise shake that changes daily!

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