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13 Super Cute Toronto Cafes To Go To With Your BFF

Stay caffeinated!

I think that some of the strongest friendships are built on copious amounts of coffee, and pools of sangria.

For those of you who are in need of a BFF date with endless iced coffees and a boozy brunch options, I have you covered.  Toronto is home to some of the cutest cafes and bistros that are practically made for "candid" photos of you and your BFF.

Grab your bestie and head to some of these adorable cafes, you definitely wont be disappointed.

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1. Early Bird Espresso// 613 Queen St W.

Early Bird has an awesome patio for you and your BFF to enjoy, as well as a super serene interior.  Be sure to try their chai pudding and iced lattes, they are delicious!

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2. The Scullery // 200 Carlton St.

The scullery is one of the best places to grab a coffee in Cabbagetown.  Enjoy some locally sourced Pilot coffee while catching up with your BFF.

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3. Hula Girl Espresso // 456 Ossington Ave.

Hula girl espresso is one of my favourite spots in the city.  The staff are very friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. This is the perfect place to enjoy an iced coffee with your pal on a rainy day.

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4. Hale Coffee Company // 103, 300 Campbell Ave.

If you and your BFF are looking for a cozy place to catch up, this is your spot.  Hale has a very relaxed vibe, and an awesome "Morning Glory" roast coffee that is sure to make any morning easier.

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5. Odin // 514 King St. E.

Odin is an awesome place to get your caffeine fix.  The interior is beautiful so both you and your BFF are sure to leave with some amazing Instagrams.

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6. Cafe Plenty // 1 King St W.

Cafe Plenty is a European inspired cafe that serves up some amazing breakfasts.  If you and your BFF are looking for some super yummy food to accompany your coffee, this is the place to go.

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7. Sugar Loaf Bakery and Cafe // 729 Queen St E.

If either you or your BFF have a sweet tooth, this spot could be a little dangerous. Sugar Loaf has some delicious Nutella scones that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

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8. Jimmy's Coffee // 107 Portland St.

If you and your pal are looking for ice coffee, this is your spot.  Jimmy's has an amazing Golden Iced Latte that will seriously exceed all your expectations.  Most locations also have super cute outdoor spaces for you to lounge in.

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9. Dark Horse Espresso Bar // 120 Geary Ave.

Dark Horse is the perfect place for you and your bestie to nurse your Sunday morning hangover.  Their coffee and Fresh Juices will bring you back to life after a night out in Toronto.

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10. Tandem // 368 King St E.

Tandem is a great place to catch up with your BFF or gossip about last nights shenanigans.  Try out the black pepper ginger cookie if you're looking for something sweet and savoury!

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11. Sam James Coffee Bar // 15 Toronto St.

Sam James Coffee Bar has an amazing cold brew that is sure to satisfy your caffeine cravings.  Be sure to check out their Trinity Bellwoods location the next time you're enjoying a day in the park with your BFF.

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12. Kitten And The Bear // 1574 Queen St W.

This super cutesy cafe is the perfect spot to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with your gal pal.  The staff are also super friendly and will make you feel right at home!

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13. Maman // 100 King St W.

If you're looking to have a boozy brunch with your BFF, this is your place.  Maman has wonderful coffee, and even better cocktails.  After all, the cure to your Sunday hangover should always be a fruity cocktail !

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