Chances are that you've been outside in the past few days, and you know how ridiculously cold it's been. We thought winter was on its way out, and yet it seems like it's just beginning. Is there a jumpstart button we can press for summer? Sadly no, but I have the next best thing.

If you need a way to warm up, look no further. Toronto has some of the best and most authentic spots to get your hands on a giant bowl of delicious pho. My addiction is real, and yours will be too.

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1. Pho Linh // 1156 College St.

Hands down, one of the best bowls of pho you will ever eat in Toronto will be here. Pho Linh literally transports its patrons to the heart of Vietnamese cuisine, offering nothing but the best to satiate your hunger.

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2. Pho Hung // 350 Spadina Ave.

Right in Toronto's Chinatown, Pho Hung is a popular place bustling with those just dying for a nice bowl of pho. Seats are in high demand, and the low cost for what you get will have you coming back again and again.

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3. Pho Jade // 1208 Bloor St. W

Pho Jade is nothing less than impressive. It is right on the TTC line, and offers amazing food as well as in-house specials to try something new. But of course, we all have our favourites that we go back to!

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4. Asian Bowl // 271 Yonge St

Just south of Yonge & Dundas, Asian Bowl offers a fusion of cuisines as well as Vietnamese, but they don't slack in any area. For under $20, they offer lunch deals that can't be beat, with a bowl of pho larger than your head.

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5. Pho Phuong // 1603 Dundas St. W

When you find quality as good as that found at Pho Phuong, you just have to recommend it to everyone. With delicious food in a comfortable setting, this is a restaurant that cannot be passed by.

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6. Pho Huong // 394 Pacific Ave.

Variety is so key when dining out, and Pho Huong is right on point with that. Anything your heart desires, they deliver through their food, and with excellent service as the cherry on top.

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7. Bac Ky // 567 King St. W

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one nails it to draw you to Bac Ky. The tastes they bring are out of this world, and across it, and you can't go wrong with pho that truly hits the soul. Mmm!

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8. Pho Tien Thanh // 57 Ossington Ave.

What better way to treat your tummy than Pho Tien Thanh? Notably one of the top places in the city for a giant bowl of deliciousness, they definitely do not disappoint. Need I say more? You're probably already there.

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9. Pho Orchid // 124 Chestnut St.

Nestled in the city's downtown core, Pho Orchid has to be a stop on your pho bucket list. Delicious and satisfying pho leaves you looking for room for just one more bowl!

10. Saigon Bistro // 122 Atlantic Ave.

Hop right off the streetcar and dive into some of the best pho you'll taste in the city. Some haven't discovered it yet, but they truly offer some of the greatest tastes a bowl of soup can offer. Saigon Bistro is ready to welcome you, and satisfy your cravings.

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11. Que Ling // 248 Boulton Ave.

Looking for wholesome, homemade goodness, right here in the city? Look no further. Que Ling is perfect for you wallet, your stomach, and your heart with its warming pho and outstanding service. Eat your heart out, you won't regret it.

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12. Banh Mi Bar // 189 Augusta Ave.

Kensington tucks away some of the city's most treasured gems in food, shops, and culture, and Banh Mi Bar +Pho Bar is one of them. They offer variety in Vietnamese cuisine, giving you a taste (literally) of all sides. Don't feel like pho necessarily? Your options are open. Enjoy!

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13. Pho 88 // 325 Bamburgh Circle

Just outside the core of the city, this is Scarborough's claim to pho fame. They offer variances on traditional pho, as well as the classics, giving you more options than you can choose from just once. So, duh, you just HAVE to go back.

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14. Pho Mi Asia // 1008 Wilson Ave.

Nothing says "YUM!" like delectable pho, paired with a menu full of extended Vietnamese food to try. Pho Mi Asia will have you challenging just how much you can eat in one go, and then a few more, because you can't get enough.

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15. Pho Dau Bo // 2437 Finch Ave W

If you're looking to warm up and love every second of it, you have to go to Pho Dau Bo. Every bowl will leave you remembering why you love pho so much, and why the craving really never leaves. More, please!

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