Considering Toronto's culinary scene, it should be no shock that "hipster" food has taken over the city. Hipster food is essentially any dish that becomes trendy: it's posted all over social media and it's all anyone is raving about.

Hipster food is often unique and unusual (ex: sushi burrito and rainbow bagels). Sometimes it just takes a basic concept and elevates it (ice cream sandwiches and grilled cheese).

Whether you're a bonafide hipster searching for that next "it" food or a newbie trying to keep up with all of the insane culinary trends, this list is for you. Here are 16 hipster AF foods that you can find in Toronto.

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Poke Bowls

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Gourmet Grilled Cheese

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Matcha Soft Serve

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Rainbow Bagel

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Sushi Burrito

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Gourmet Ice Cream Bars



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Pour Over Coffee

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Elevated Avocado Toast

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Artisinal Pickles

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Acai Bowls


Loaded Pancakes

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  • Tonica // Sold at multiple locations
  • Pekoe // 123 Dundas Street W

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Pretty much anything off of a food truck

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