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Best Poutine Restaurants In Toronto

A Canadian's main food group.

Poutine is one of Canada's main claims to fame in the food department. We're also known for some other favourites around the world such as bacon, maple syrup and ketchup chips!

Honestly, I could go on about all the great foods Canada brings to the world but we all know that the best one really is poutine. There's something so amazing about the simplicity of a poutine, after all it's just 3 ingredients: fries, gravy and cheese curds!

But putting those 3 ingredients together made something so mind-blowingly delicious that we're all basically addicted now. It's our go-to food when we've been out late partying and need a greasy meal, after a rough breakup when we just need comfort food and also on that one day a week we along ourselves to cheat from our diet.

Toronto and some of the surrounding areas of the GTA are home to some seriously good poutines. These poutines are so decadent and delicious they'll keep you coming back for more!

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