Are you tired of going to basic drinking venues in Toronto? Perhaps it's time to switch up the scene and grab a cocktail somewhere different to have the ultimate boozing experience. There are thousands of amazing bars in our city but some of them stand out more than others. Here is a list of 6 bizarre bars in Toronto that actually exist:

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1. The Lockhart Cocktail Bar // 1479 Dundas St.W

Escape muggles reality by enjoying cocktails and tapas at Toronto's very own, magical Harry Potter "under cover" themed bar. Some of the drinks on the menu include inspired elements from the wizardly world, such as the Befuddlement Draft and The Dementor's Kiss. Alohomora!

2. BevLab // 35 Mowat Ave.

Have you ever been interested in getting to know booze on a total different level? Put your science skills to use while crafting futuristic-like cocktails with BevLab. Ever been curious to taste a drink that is made up of a cloud or liquid nitrogen? Sign up for a workshop with BevLab here.

3. Oasis Aqua Lounge // 231 Mutual St.

This adult playground offers water spa services and rooms for couples to get out of their comfort zone and explore their sexuality while sipping on cocktails. Loosen up, have some fun and spice up your relationship with your S/O in the Red room, Dungeon, Porn room or the Shaggin Wagon.

Photo cred - @ripleysaquaca

4. Ripleys Aquarium Night Jazz Bar 

Every second Friday of the month, Ripleys hosts a jazz night from 7pm - 11pm. How about a couple of drinks with that? There is a cash bar available to enjoy alcohol beverages while getting lit with the sharks and 13,500 exotic sea species under "the sea." Sounds pretty bizarre to me, don't you think?

5. Church Aperitivo Bar // 1090 Queen St W.

This chic Italian restaurant was previously an abandoned Slavic church. Discover the sacred place and confess your sins along with a couple of drinks. There are several saintly elements in the decor and the drink selection at Church Aperivito. The original church aisle divides the bar from the seating area and there are church-themed cocktails on the menu such as The Holy Caesar and Salvation.

6. Bovine Sex Club // 542 Queen St W.

If you're a frequent Queen St. roamer, you're most likely familiar with the Bovine Sex Club. The moment you enter the doors of Bovine, you'll absorb the obscure music scene and uncanny decor which creates a bizarre atmosphere to indulge in. There are different themed nights which feature punk, metal edge rock and funk music 7 days a week. Make sure to check out Pussy Whipped Wednesdays! 

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