It was one year ago, and I was a rookie in the spray tan business with a dream of being tone tan fit and ready for my ~rad~ summer adventures. So I booked my first spray tan, stripped down to nothing except a hair net and made small talk with a complete stranger spraying orange mist on me. (How exciting!!!!)

Halfway through the tan I realized I probably shouldn't have chosen the shade "medium" as it was a pretty stark contrast for my winter coated pasty a$$ complexion. Combine the already George Hamilton/Orange Kardashian vibe I was giving off with the fact I walked home in the rain and you can tell I was polar opposite of my California girl dream. The worst part is the tan kept getting darker for 8 hours, and my sister convinced me to go out in public that night for dinner. Needless to say, the waiter's reaction to my lacklustre aesthetic confirmed my fears; I fucked up.

But don't fear aspiring beach babes, it doesn't always have to be like that. Take this article, nay, source- as your trusted guide to not look like an ooompa loompa. Because just because we all loved Snooki, doesn't mean we need to look like her right? These are the best places in Toronto to keep adding to your "natural" summer look.

(Worst case; spray tan horror stories make for great conversation starters, so what have you got to lose!)

1. Jolie Beauty Bar  // 1896 Avenue Road

Go for the staff, stay for the tan. This uptown beauty bar is a hidden gem that does everything from waxing, makeup, nails to kick ass tans that will have you ready for the summer.

2. Sugarmoon // Multiple Locations

You better book your appointment now for this popular tanning spot. They have a 4.5/5 rating on Yelp and for an added bonus, they do sugaring - a type of waxing that instead of the gel sticking to your skin it just pulls out the hair. They've gotten rave reviews from even the most sensitive skinned customers.

3. Body & Soul Massage Therapy // Multiple Locations

With a professional staff and nice atmosphere you can't go wrong with this salon. They also offer a huge variety of massages, a little relaxation before you look like a bronzed goddess? A little bit of treasure hunt to get there, but definitely worth the prize.

4. Real Tan // Thornhill

They're the official spray tan of the Argo Cheerleaders, so you know you'll be looking fly AF with this organic collagen spray tan! Mention Sara OG's name to get a discount!

5. Soleil Tanning Spa // 239 Yonge Street Unit B

Close to the Eaton Centre and close to our hearts. We'd stick to the spray tans here because tanning beds in general are sketchy AF and we're going to keep our face wrinkle free thank you very much.

6. Tan On The Run // Your House!

If you want to feel like a real celebrity and pretend like you walk out of the house looking on point, Tan on the Run will be your sh*t. The company comes right to you, and even better? They are the official tan for X-Men Apocalypse, serious celebrity status at your finger tips.

7. Goldifox // Yonge St. and Manor Rd. E

The products they use here are full of antioxidants, are gluten, nut and paraben free, and help reduce wrinkles? Sounds like a juice cleanse? Kind of. But way better, because you'll be walking away looking like you just got off your Miami yacht week ready to take on the world. They also do hair extensions and clip-ins so you can throw all the shade you want at your haters.

* PSA: PLEASE don't use tanning beds and stick to the spray tans. *

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