Candy (unofficially) makes the world go round. Whether it's for motivation, for bribery, make up or break up accompanying: candy is always there at some of the favourite times we've had. But obviously since we're in the time of gentrification, it's not enough to simply have a lollipop but instead an international fair-trade hand made confection by someone with one arm (and obviously gluten free).  That's right people, we've hit the point where people are getting pretty fucking creative with candy. And what a time to be alive!

From this need togo a step up from the seemingly passe sweet we've seen the cronut, butter being deep fried, people lining up for hours for biblically named Ice Cream Cones (looking at chu Sweet Jesus). What does this all mean? Basically, candy stores have more than just your average hubba bubba. We're living in a new world where people dedicate their entire lives to the ideal gummy bear and there's been some unreal stores that have popped up as a result. Are they Willy Wonka level good? Check them out for yourself.

1. Papabubble  // 3360 Yonge St.

Candy and art have never looked so good (or delicious) together. This Barcelona born brand has finally opened up a shop just north of Yonge and Lawerence for anyone looking for some artisan treats. They make their unique and extremely delicious treats right in shop using only five ingredients. Best part? They make your candies customizable! How ideal for our selfie loving, branding world am I right?! But seriously, these sweets are adorable and taste just as good.

2. The Candy Bar // 849 College St.

Want some speciality chocolate? Bulk candy? Staples? Toffee bonbons? Foreign candy? The name pretty much sells itself, you want candy? Hit up The Candy Bar. It's cute retro vibe will keep you there all night long.

3. Sweet Thrills // 399 Roncesvalles Ave.

This Roncesvalles gem is basically the same as your morning coffee, it'll never leave you disappointed and always gives you what you need. And like your coffee, you can always amp it up. Sweet thrills offer everything from staples to UK fresh finds, as well you can make personalized gift baskets as a sweet gift!

4. Squish // 176 Yonge St. #B1560 (In Hudson's Bay Company)

Hand crafted gourmet artisan gummies are pretty much the dream you never knew you were chasing until right now. These hand crafted gummies come in over a hundred flavours and have been taking Toronto by storm for over a year now. Choose from intense to cocktail flavours to spice up your day and your taste buds. Don't believe me? Don't squish it until you try it. ? (Bad joke but on the real these are amazing). You can also order online here!

5. Uncle John's Candy Shack // 635 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

The Brits accents aren't the only delicious treats they've introduced to the world, and Uncle John's Candy Shop is the prime example of that. They have a wide variety of sweets avaliable but focus on their UK imports. This is where all old school candy lovers can get there sweettooth fix, with the stores homey vibe that'll bring you back to the golden days of your younger years.

6. Sugar Mountain // Multiple Locations 

The only thing that could make Miley cyrus's "The Climb" better would be if she were climbing a mountain of sugar. So that's what we like to think of when we head to this Toronto staple known for their retro candy selection. S They also have a huge variety for anyone ready to get a little adventurous, from UK to Mexican imports, you won't leave here disappointed. Fun fact, Sugar Mountain is actually owns the equally unbelievable Sweet Temptations on King St. in The Exchange Tower.

7. Sweet Magic // 222 Spadina Avenue

Tucked in the Chinatown Center off Spadina hides one of the BEST places to get Asian Candy. Owned by a man from Hong Kong, you'll find an amazing selection of candy that comes in from over seven different Asian countries. Give your taste buds an adventure (Japanese gum flavours anyone?) and check it out!

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