When it comes to food, we owe the French a lot for so many amazing delicacies: steak tartar, brie cheese, crepes....and croissants!

While you can get this delicious, flakey pastry everywhere from the local grocery store to the Tim Hortons down the street, not all croissants are made equal. So here's a list of croissants that will make all your Parisian dreams come true:

Photo cred- @nadegetoronto

Nadage Patisserie//multiple locations

Photo cred- @thobors.bakery

Thobors//1116 Eglington Ave W

Photo cred- Yelp 

Bonjour Brioche//812 Queen St W

Photo cred- @f1shie

Rahier//1586 Bayview Ave 

Photo cred- @colettetoronto 

Colette Grand Cafe // 550 Wellington St W

Photo cred- @delyseestoronto

Delysees//780 King St W

Photo cred- @_mamanto_

Maman//100 King St W

Photo cred- yelp 

Cherry Bomb//79 Roncesvalles 

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