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Best Pho Restaurants In Toronto
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Golden Turtle

Where: 125 Ossington Ave // Trinity Bellwoods

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Price: 💸💸

Why You Should Go: One of Toronto's most popular pho restaurants is the Golden Turtle on Ossington in Toronto's west end. It serves classic and authentic Vietnamese food with a super casual atmosphere. They also have a patio for those warm summer months!


Pho Linh

Where: 1156 College St // Dufferin Grove

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Price: 💸

Why You Should Go: Another west side favourite is Pho Linh, an affordable and dependable pho spot that everyone in Toronto needs to check out. The ambience of the place is a retro, casual theme that will get you in a cozy mood to eat some delicious pho!


Hanoi 3 Seasons

Where: 588 Gerrard St E & 1135 Queen St E // Riverdale & Leslieville

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Price: 💸💸

Why You Should Go: Clearly the Vietnamese cuisine at this spot is unbeatable because they already have two locations in the East end! Not only do they have amazing pho but they also have tons of delicious dishes to try out that feature Northern-Vietnamese plates. The Leslieville location also has an adorable outdoor patio for the summer months.


Pho Huong

Where: 394 Pacific Ave // The Junction

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Price: 💸

Why You Should Go: You'll get to choose from 17 different variations of your favourite pho dish at this Vietnamese spot. You can choose from tons of different toppings and types of meat/vegetarian options that will all make your taste buds happy.


Vietnam Lovely Noodle

Where: 378 Bloor St W // The Annex

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Price: 💸💸

Why You Should Go: The Annex is filled with amazing restaurants, bars and activities to enjoy because it's such a central hub filled with students. This classic Vietnamese restaurant is the perfect place to go in this area to elevate your food experience.


Pho East

Where: 610 Gerrard St E // East Chinatown

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Price: 💸💸

Why You Should Go: If you're looking for a cozy, family-run pho restaurant in the east end, this is definitely the place. They have a wide variety of options to choose from and you won't be disappointed with anything you choose.


Saigon Bistro

Where: 122 Atlantic Ave // Liberty Village

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Price: 💸💸

Why You Should Go: This spot is great for lunch if you're working or living in the Liberty Village area. Their cozy pho bowls are filled with seafood, beef, chicken and veggies depending on what you like. Their menu also features a variety of yummy appetizers and salads!


Pho Con Bo

Where: 1625 Wilson Ave // North York

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Price: 💸

Why You Should Go: This spot is a little smaller and it might not look like much from the outside but you're guaranteed a delicious and hearty bowl of pho when you go here. It's most popular during lunch time but it will satisfy your craving for a big steaming bowl of yummy pho!


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