Toronto is definitely an up and coming city in the worldwide foodie scene. From charcoal ice cream to deep-fried anything, Toronto is one of the first cities to have trendy food spots pop up around the city. Though, if you are on a budget it can be hard to keep up with all the delicious foods that the city has to offer. 

Lucky for you, not everything the city has to offer food-wise is expensive! While there definitely are some bougie food spots around Toronto, there are just as many, if not maybe, even more, locations that host cheap and delicious eats! So whether you are looking for new street food inspired by different spots around the globe or just classically great food for cheap, choose your budget and check out these spots in the city! 

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Mean Bao // 167 Bathurst

Who doesn't love a good bao bun? At Mean Bao, there are tons of different options from pulled pork to tofu when it comes to what you can get in between the wildly popular soft buns that have blown up in the foodie world. With none of the baos running you more than $5, it's a new trendy and delicious food everyone can afford!

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The Dime // 538 Queen St W

El Furniture Warehouse's newest venture follows the same principles as their original spot with nothing on the menu costing more than $4.95. Plus with the massive range of food offered from tacos to avocado toast, the menu will surely please a wide array of people!

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When The Pig Came Home // 3035 Dundas St W

When The Pig Came Home is the perfect cheap eats spot for any meat lover. This spot located in the Junction does peameal on a bun like no other spot in the city ever could, and with it only running you $5, it's a great choice for your wallet and stomach!

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416 Snack Bar // 181 Bathurst St

The 416 Snack Bar is the perfect place to eat if you are someone who loves to just order a ton of appetizers when you go to a restaurant. At this spot, the portions are perfect for sharing and being able to order tons of different things to try out if you don't want to commit to one thing!

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Wilbur Mexicana // 552 King St W

Who doesn't love tacos?! Wilbur has one of the nicest ambiances in the city when it comes to taco restos, and their tacos will only run you $4.25 each! Make sure to try out their massive collection of hot sauces if you are brave enough!

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Mnandi Pies // 707 Dundas St W

Mnandi Pies is a new pie spot that features staple Zimbabwe pies from steak and onion to carrot and kale. With the colder weather creeping in, there has never been a better time to grab a hot pie, plus they'll only run you $4.99!

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Big Carrot // 348 Danforth Ave 

If you are looking for a healthier option, Big Carrot is definitely a spot to consider! The natural food market features signature sandwiches like the 'Californian' for only $8, as well as tons of other options on the menu that will only run you a dollar more! 

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Moo Frites // 178 Baldwin St 

If you love fries but are a little over the poutine craze, check out Moo Frites! The spot offers options from $4-$7.95 depending on the size you get. From there you can choose from 18 different homemade sauces to top your fresh cut fries off with! 

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Bagels on Fire // 2248 Queen St E 

Bagels on Fire is the perfect spot to go for a bagel sandwhich. From just your staple toasted cream cheese bagel to a salmon bagel, you are sure to enjoy! 

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Rasher's // 182 Ossington Ave 

Rasher's is pretty well known for their incredible sandwichs in the city. From the 'Hogtown Sandwhich' to the 'Beer BLT,' you definitely have a ton of options if you choose to visit this spot. Plus with most of their sandwichs never running over $9, it's the perfect place to enjoy Toronto's foodie scene while not breaking the bank!

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Hasting's Snack Bar // 5 Hastings Snack Bar 

This Polish spot sticks to their roots and delivers delicious Polish food for you to enjoy without spending some major coin. From staple perogies to kielbasa, you'll be full and satisfied without spending more than $8!

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Big Beef Bowl // 1 Byng Ave 

With the cold weather creeping in, there has never been a better time to visit a hot noodle spot. Not only are the bowls hot and full of flavour, but the noodles are massive and it will only run you $8! 

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Completo // 5 Coady Ave 

Completo brands itself as a spot that features fresh and fast food, and trust me when I can say there are tons of options. From classic hot dogs to veggie and steak boxes, hardly anything will run you over $7 but there are options available for $9 if you are want to splurge on your cheap eat day! 

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Salus Fresh Foods // 25 Carlton St 

If you looking for cheap eats that won't leave you bloated or overstuffed, definitely hit up Salus! While your meal's price will depend on your choices, considering your bowl is completely customizable from base to add-ons, it definitely won't cost you more than $10! 

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Wafles and More // 237 Augusta Ave 

Wafles and More is the perfect spot for a cheat day! From savory to sweet their wafles are incredible and the new spot in Kensington has been highly popular because of it! Authentic Belgian waffles starting at $8.00? It's a no-brainer! 

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Rudy // 219 College St 

Rudy is about the closest you'll get to an In-N-Out styled burger in Toronto (at least for now)! This spot on College serves up classic burgers that are perfect for any time of the day and will only run you around $6.50 depending on the style of burger you get! 

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Eat BKK // 4704 Yonge St 

Eat BKK is a new spot that is focused on sharing Bangkok street eats with Torontonians. With their Bangkok Street Eats not costing you more than $10-$11, it's the perfect spot to test out a new style of food without having to spend too much! 

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