Waffles have been a classic staple in Western cuisine. Nobody can resist its crunchy outsides and its warm, fluffy insides smothered in syrup. Ugh, you can just feel the drool dripping down the sides of your lips. As said before, it's a homey classic that people have enjoyed simply with a nice syruppy drizzle or have gone to new lengths to create savoury new twists and sweeter new creations. Luckily for you, Toronto has a variety of many different establishments for you to try and find that golden waffle place you can call home...for your stomach, anyway.

So whether it's ice cream, whipped cream or a juicy leg of chicken to enjoy on the side of some mouth watering waffles, here are a few places in Toronto that'll serve up something way better than your toaster at home.

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Bang Bang Ice Cream// 93 Ossington Ave

Forget eating a waffle the traditional way with a fork and knife, and get messy with your hands! Enjoy a variety of ice flavours whether it be vanilla, earl grey or rose petal wrapped around an egg waffle cone. After all, clearly traditional is not a word to describe this unique ice creamery.

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Starving Artist// 1078 St Clair Ave W

Whether you can barely hold a paintbrush or you're Picasso himself, all artists alike are welcome to this buzzing brunch restaurant on the streets of St. Clair Ave W. The savoury waffles on this plate is sure to cure any hangover you might be recovering from the night before.

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Saving Grace// 907 Dundas St W

If the only waffles you're acquainted with are the ones in your freezer then the name of this restaurant says it all as this will be your Saving Grace. Enjoy a plate of waffles with a variety of fruity & creamy toppings and prepared to see Jesus himself.

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Sunny Morning Breakfast & Lunch// 1602 The Queensway

This little brunch cafe in Etobicoke is definitely the place to hit whether it be a Sunday morning or a Wednesday afternoon. Enjoy a good plate of waffles with your BFF and indulge it all its sugary goodness.

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Caffe Demetre// Multiple locations

Ahh, the dessert heaven itself! It's no secret that Caffe Demetre is the perfect spot to satisfy your sweet tooth, so go ahead and dig in to a plate of ice cream, syrup, and some good ole waffles.

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Dirty Bird Chicken & Waffles// 79 Kensington Ave

Who would have thought that waffles and chicken would work well together? Whoever did think it is definitely one to thank! Anyone who knows a good piece of chicken would know that the perfect waffle should be just the same-- crunchy on the outside, and soft & juicy on the inside. It's drool worthy stuff bro!

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Pastel Creperie & Dessert Place// 5417 Yonge Street

This new cafe on Yonge street is definitely well known on the Instagram scene for their drool worthy crepes and waffles. It's no wonder why the cafe is always buzzing no matter what time of day it is-- I mean after all, they serve dessert waffles the size of your face! If that isn't a reason to check out this place, I don't know what will!

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Petite Dejeuner// 191 King St E

This savoury waffle place is perfect to bring your BFF on King St. for a much needed Sunday morning brunch. Whether you feel like being fancy AF or simply because you know the food is delicious, this french-esque brunch restaurant is sure to please!

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School// 70 Fraser Ave

Classes are hard enough with assignments, presentations and exams. Treat yourself at this School and enjoy a good savoury waffle regardless of what your GPA is.

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Wanda's Belgian Waffles// 361 Yonge Street

Tucked away on Yonge St., this establishment prepares a mighty good waffle for you to enjoy on the streets for a mighty good price. Thanks Wanda, I appreciate you.

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Wafflian-- Belgian Waffle And Cupcake Bar// 109 McCaul Street

Waffles and cupcakes, it's a match made in heaven! Sink your teeth in both a crispy waffle and a soft cupcake and spoil the shit out of your sweet tooth! All wafflians, new and old are sure to be satisfied.

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Cacao 70// 485 Queen St W

If you love chocolate, the name of this restaurant says it all. Enjoy a good deconstructed waffle and dip as much chocolate as you want onto your waffle. Go ahead, treat yo 'self gurrrl!

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SPIN Dessert Cafe// 1060 The Queensway

This classic waffle desert cafe is sure to please your buds and your soul. Take your BFF, S/O or whoever you damn well please and go ahead and sink your teeth into what this popular dessert cafe has to offer!

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Woofles In Cream// 8360 Kennedy Road #81

Love comes in all different shapes, sizes and races. That being said, fall in love with this bubbly asian waffle and enjoy some good soft serve ice cream to compliment the crispy batter melting in your mouth. Mmmm..

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Sweet Esc// 30 Gibson Dr #120

This $8 dessert find is not only just dessert-- it's a show! Have your waffle served on a sizzling hot plate and enjoy dripping a sauce of your choice all over your beautiful dessert. That gorgeous sizzle along with that smooth ice cream & warm waffle are definitely going to stimulate all your senses.

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Cafe Princess// 5590 Yonge Street

Treat yourself like a princess here at Cafe Princess. Lounge about on their homey sofas with your fellow royalty and enjoy a good dessert waffle & rich bubble tea to wash it all down! It's comfort for even the finest!

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