Over the past couple of years, pho has become a pretty big deal in Toronto. People love to dig into a nice warm bowl of Vietnamese goodness. It’s a comfort for all who eat it. Pho can be dressed up or down, depending on where you go. And everyone in Toronto has an opinion on which is the best place to go. Personally , I have a hard time whiddling it down because the taste is so different wherever I go. Hopefully I’ve got it down to some of Toronto’s best, with a range of taste that characterizes our tasty pho.

1. Pho Tien Thanh

57 Ossington Ave.

Tien Thanh is one of Tdots most famous pho restaurants. This is the place to go if you like a beefy pho. I love their rare, fatty beef , coupled with some crunchy, fried spring rolls. It’s one of the only pho places I can go to where I don’t end up feeling dehydrated from all the salt and grease, so all and all I give them two enthusiastic thumbs up!

2. The Golden Turtle

152 Ossington Ave

The Golden Turtle has got their flavour on point. I can honestly say they have pho that has a taste that it is totally unique, yet still manages to keep an authentic Vietnamese flavour. The soup base is really fresh and loaded up with veggies, which I know isn’t everyone’s fave, but I love it. Just be warned that it can get pretty packed every now and then, but just think of it as a testament to the quality!

3. Pho House

610 Gerrard Street

You want pho on a budget? Of course you do! Everyone loves leaving a place feeling full both in their stomach and in their wallet. Pho House is a great option for Eastenders looking for a quick bite. They have fast service and no frills. But their pho is de-lish. I usually go for the tofu option, because the cubes suck up all the flavour from the broth and the veggies.

4. Pho Jade

1208 Bloor Street W.

When I want to change up the mood a little bit and do pho the romantic way, Pho Jade has always got my back. Unlike most pho places in Toronto, they have a really cute interior and friendly wait staff. Their food is also the bomb.com. Pho Jade generally gives out smaller portions, which is nice because they really put a lot of seasoning in to their broth. And afterwards you’re not to full to… well… y’know, get “active” with your date.

5. Ginger

383 Spadina Ave.

Sometimes pho is a really good way to get in a good “pig out”. And when I’m in the mood to put on my sweat pants and eat as much pho as possible, you better believe you’ll find me at Ginger. Not only is their pho ridiculously delicious (ask for extra mushrooms), but they also have amazing sides to go along with it. You could legit it 50 of their pork wraps before realizing how full you are.

6. Pho Phuong

1603 Dundas Street W.

Where all my Westenders at? If you’re in Brocktown and want to get an amazing Vietnamese meal, go to Pho Phuong. I’m a Scarberian so this place is a bit out of the way, but it’s worth trek, and the slightly higher prices. It’s a bit of a posher restaurant and you can surely taste it in the meat they put in their pho. It’s so juicy and tender. I honestly encourage all of my friends to make the journey at least once!

7. Pho Linh

1156 College Street

Pho Linh is the place to go to when I want to try something new and tasty. Every Time I’ve been, which is a lot, I always get something new. I would honestly just tell you flip to the pho section of the menu and pick at random. It’s always amazing, no matter what, and they cook their noodles to absolute perfection. Pro tip: End the night with one of their avocado shakes. Sounds weird, I know, but it’s so flipping tasty.

8. Pho Hung

350 Spadina Ave.

Finally, Pho Hung. Probably the most famous pho in Toronto, and for good effing reason. They are on point in every category. The noodles are al dente, the meat is rare and the broth is combusting with flavour. This is the perfect bowl of soup to get you through the cold winter months and lifts your spirits up.

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