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The 15 Best Spots To Eat In Between Classes At Ryerson

Channel your inner foodie!

If you go to Ryerson, you are no stranger to the food temptations you get when walking to class. Though, when it comes to actually grabbing a bite to eat, most students tend to stick to the basics that are directly on campus. Whether it's Blaze Pizza or Basil Box, it can always be hard to find yourself a table and eating at the same spots everyday can get pretty boring.

If you are looking to switch up your lunch or dinner routine when you are on campus, look no further! We've got the perfect places for you to grab a bite to eat during your breaks in between lectures! Whether it's a spot for you are your friends to grab food and drinks after a long lecture or a quick bite in between labs, read on to find the best spots to eat in between classes!

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15 minutes between classes

1/2 hour between classes

1 hour between classes

2+ hours between classes

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