Yes, food can be pretty.  Whether it be because it's unusual, delicious-looking or just downright nice to look at, the following are some of Toronto's most Instagrammable food and drinks:

Photo via @sweetjesus4life

1. The ice cream at Sweet Jesus

Photo via @joannaaali

2. The Caesars at Hunters Landing

Photo via @kaypongrac

3. The Chef's Appetizer Platter at Maha's

Photo via @colettetoronto

4. The Tour de Colette at Colette Grand Café

Photo via @margaux.zanetti

5. The Iced Nutella and Dulce De Leche lattes at Forget Me Not Café

Photo via @anisahkat

6. The red velvet ice cream bar at Sweet Olenka's

Photo via @kathhoho

7. Dim sum at Mother's Dumplings

Photo via @allons.y

8. Brunch at Rose and Sons

Photo via @cookiescoop

9. The cookie cakes at Cookie Scoop

Photo via @fooddiva_toronto

10. The Black 'N' Blue Flapjacks at School

Photo via @allons.y

11. Charcuterie from The Hogtown Cure

Photo via @haehanna

12. The lattes from de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters

Photo via @allons.y

13. "The Hambaoger" from Lucky Red

Photo via @allons.y

14. Pineapple Fried Rice from Miss Thing's

Photo via @butteravenue

15. The Macaron Tarts from Butter Avenue

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