There's A Gourmet Ice Cream Bar Hidden Inside A Toronto Restaurant You Need To Discover This Spring

You'll all be screaming for this ice cream!

Even though the weather outside may not feel like it's officially spring yet, we all know the true marker of spring is all the amazing ice cream creations that start popping up in the city. 

This spot is always creating unique and exciting ice cream treats all year round, no matter the season! You may not have found this place just yet because it's actually inside a Toronto restaurant called Joe Bird. 

The Fix is a small ice cream bar that will serve you the sweetest treats you've ever tasted! 

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You can find The Fix Ice Cream Bar at 207 Queens Quay W in the front of Joe Bird chicken restaurant. What are some of the crazy flavours and creations you can try at The Fix, you ask? 

They make a crazy S'mores ice cream with toasted marshmallow, Chai tea latte ice cream, churro S'mores ice cream sandwiches, chocolate banana PB&J, mango pineapple, mint chocolate and so much more! 

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One of their most insane creations is their 'Chocolate Wasted' ice cream which has a chocolate dome on top where they pour a molten chocolate sauce on top to melt the dome and reveal the sweet ice cream treats underneath! 

They also have some vegan options like their Purple Rain hibiscus flower, fruits, almond mill, granola and more! 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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