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This American Ice Cream Chain Is Opening It's First Canadian Location In Toronto And Here's When

Here's the inside scoop.

It seems this year's trend is for popular ice cream chains and brands from the States to move up North finally. It started with America's favourite low-calorie ice cream Halo Top finally being introduced into Canadian grocery stores and now Toronto is getting it's own American ice cream shop chain straight from sunny California. 

Cauldron Ice Cream is a gourmet ice cream shop that has multiple locations all over California and now they're bringing it to us, here in Toronto! This spot doesn't just do regular ice cream though, they make homemade ice cream shaped into adorable flowers in Hong Kong style bubble cones!

@cauldronicecreamembedded via  

@cauldronicecreamembedded via  

I'm sure you've seen these sweet treats before on Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook because they're just that picture-worthy! Cauldron Ice Cream is planning on opening their very first Canadian location in Toronto this summer at 502 Queen Street West in the heart of our favourite Queen West neighbourhood.

What makes this place so special is the flavours of their ice cream which they rotate monthly. Right now they're offering flavours like Earl Grey Lavender, Vietnamese Coffee, H2O Rose, S'mores, Lucky Charms, and more! 

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@cauldronicecreamembedded via  

Some of these cones come with special toppings and you can opt with just a regular waffle cone if you're not up for their signature puffle cones. If all goes well with their first Toronto location they plan to continue opening more of them! 

Get excited for your new favourite treat to make it's way to Toronto this summer and keep your eyes peeled for their opening date! 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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