Chocolate is one of the only things the foodie world can agree on, being that it's incredible. Though there have always been tons of chocolate-themed spots in the city to choose from, there has always been one that served as the mecca for any true chocolate connoisseur, Cacao 70. 

Known as the "State of Chocolate," the Montréal based dessert restaurant has become widely popular in the city for their insanely decadent desserts and soft serve ice cream dipped in coloured chocolate.

Though it seems that Scarborough natives are finally going to be able to check out what downtown Torontonians have been enjoying for the past while! 

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With the unveiling of their new location in Scarborough Town Centre comes the opportunity for chocolate lovers young and old to be able to get anything they want off the menu dipped in melted chocolate! Think crepes, ice cream, marshmallows, literally anything you could possibly imagine!

It's not only their dessert that's incredible either, they've got some insane presentation skills too, just check out these photos! 

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@cacao70embedded via

If your mouth is watering already, don't worry, the new location is up and running right now! You can visit them over at the Scarborough Town Centre where they run the same hours as the mall! 

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