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This Dessert Bar In Markham Has The Coolest Silver And Gold Ice Cream

Glam up your sweet tooth!

While the heat turns up in the city, so do all the fun activities that go hand in hand with hot summer days. Lounging at the beach, bike riding through the city and hitting the road for weekends in the country are all at the top of everyone's to do list. 

But all those things wouldn't be the same without the sweet treat of soft serve in your hand. And there's no better place to get a cone than Matcha Tea and Dessert in Toronto. 

@matcha_markhamembedded via  

@matcha_markhamembedded via  

This matcha infused dessert cafe is glamming up your soft serve needs with their latest creation of silver and gold dipped ice cream and the results are deliciously beautiful. 

The cafe is influenced by both Taiwanese and Japanese culture, and the results of the infused flavours is nothing short of spectacular when it comes to their cones.

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@matcha_markhamembedded via  

The 24-k gold and silver ice cream cones are a treat for both the eyes and the stomach and come in 3 flavours. They've got their staple matcha soft serve, their black sesame, and their matcha black sesame twist. 

If you love ice cream and seriously instagrammable food, you're not going to want to miss out on getting your hands on one of these delectible treats! 

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For more info, check out their website


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