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This Espresso Bar Is Hidden In Toronto And You Need To Discover It This Spring

A brew'tiful little secret!

There's something so mysterious and fun about discovering spots in the city that are hidden from the general public. These spots are so secret that most people don't know they exist but once you find them you'll be rewarded with something super special.  

The newest secret spot we want to tell you all about is an amazing espresso bar in the west end of Toronto. Once you find this unique spot you'll be rewarded with an impeccably made espresso-based coffee! 

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The Nugget is a walk-up espresso bar located at 761 Dundas St W near Kensington Market! This secret spot sits slightly back from the sidewalk, beside a popular pizza joint called Village Pizza. 

They have a simple menu featuring all the best espresso and drip coffee drinks plus some yummy baked goods! While this spot is mostly a grab and go shop you can also hang out on their bench on warmer days! 

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This hidden espresso bar is perfect to add to your Instagram feed especially with the 'coffee' decal on the floor as you enter into the shop. If you're looking for a secret spot in the city to discover this spring, this is definitely it! 

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Check out their Instagram page for more information. 

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