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This Meaty Steak Sandwich Might Be The Best In Toronto


Sometimes you just want a nice steak sandwich; a full steak is too much, and a regular sandwhich just isn't enough. 

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Enter Top Gun Steaks, located at 251 August Ave in Kensington Market, this is a meat lover's DREAM. This amazing Toronto spot serves up some of the best philly steak sandwiches in the city, with over 8 different kinds to choose from. You may have already completed this sandwich bucket list, but definitely add this spot to your list. We could go on and on about how succulent the meat is, so awesome all the toppings are, but we'll just let you look for youself: 


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Uhm, YES those ARE chicken strips !

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They also have some out of this world burgers:

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And what of course, you can't go wrong with the 'sloppy fries', poutine or chilli cheese fries, as well as a large variety of other sides: 

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Sorry for making you drool...

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