When you find that special spot that combines great food with artistry and innovation, you've just got to suck it up and take the trek outside of the city. Not many places are worth the drive, but NextDoor is just that kind of restaurant. 

About a 30-40 minute drive from Toronto, NextDoor is located on historic Main Street Unionville, in Markham and is a dining experience like no other. It's new to the Markham food scene, having just opened its doors in May 2017, and with their unique menu, we can definitely see it sticking around.  I mean, their white chocolate french toast complete with strawberry coulis, white chocolate, a strawberry popsicle, and candy floss is enough of a reason to come visit: 

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But that's not all they have to offer. This fusion tapas spot is inspired by Australian style brunch services, which equates elaborate presentations and labour-intensive preparation. This is definitely not your typical 'egg-and-bacon' brunch. 

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Their okonomoyaki is a Japanese pancake dish that combines sweet and savoury flavours together by putting double smoked bacon, poached eggs, kewpie mayo, Japanese barbecue sauce, sesame seeds, and smoky, salty bonito and nori on pancakes... yummmm. 

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And for those who don't feel like walking on the wild side with their breakfast, they obviously have all the standard brunch essentials -like every millennial's favourite avocado toast. 

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For those out there who don't love brunch (do those people even exist?), NextDoor is open for all other meals of the day. Lunch, dinner, apps, you can definitely all get it here. Be sure to check out their poke of marinated salmon, avocado, crab salad, tobiko, edamame, seaweed salad, togarashi aioli, nori and rice. 

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The space boasts of having a beautiful outdoor patio for sunny days, and a sophisticated but relaxed decor inside. So no suit and tie needed, you can enjoy the gourmet eats in your most comfy (and stretchy) jeans and t-shirt. 

So, have you started driving over yet?  

via @nextdoorrestaurant

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