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This Restaurant In Toronto Serves Desserts In Disguise And You Have To Try It ASAP

You won't believe these are actually desserts!

A lot of you have probably seen this dessert craze that took over the internet, where chefs made desserts into unsuspecting items and fruits. These desserts went viral online because when you looked at them you wouldn't have ever guessed they were a dessert at all! 

Now these unique creations have made their way to Toronto! Birch Bistro has a talented chef working for them that creates desserts in disguise and you've got to try them ASAP.

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Birch Bistro is located at 623A Mt Pleasant Rd near the Yonge and Eglinton area. Chef Calvin Wat makes is a pastry chef that was trained in France and is now bringing his unique Parisian desserts to us here in Toronto! 

His creations are mostly in the fruit and nut categories including green apples, hazelnuts, lemons, peaches, cherries and blood oranges with more popping up all the time!

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You can enjoy a meal of fine French cuisine and enjoy one of these as your dessert or you can pick them up in to-go boxes to enjoy at home! These innovative desserts are sure to please at your next event or dinner with friends. 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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