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This Toronto Bakery Sells Massive Slices Of Pizza

Go big or go home!

Now this is what dreams are made of.

Lamanna's, a GTA-based Italian bakery known for topping pizza with more pizza, grilled cheese and chocolate, has brought non-traditional pizzas to a whole other level.

As of October 29th, the family owned shop has just started selling gigantic pizza slices. 

In a photo published to the cafe's social media pages over the weekend, an extra extra-large triangular slab of dough, cheese and pepperoni can be seen held up (barely) by two hands.

via @lamannabakery

Lamanna's Bakery may be on the far side of Toronto, but with this new introduction to the menu, the slice is definitely worth the drive. The cafe is also easily the most authentic and interesting Italian bakeries in the city.

If devouring a titanic slice of pizza isn't your thing, Lamanna's also boasts normal-sized pizzas with non-traditional toppings like poutine, nachos, mini burgers and grilled peach slices. Unconventional sweets like gelato cookie sandwiches and Froot Loop-topped donuts are also on offer.

You can find your dream slice of pizza at 6758 Kingston Road, Toronto. Remember to bring a friend (or two) to share it with!

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