Bakeries in Toronto are constantly making some seriously innovative and creative desserts that leave us in awe. But sometimes the bakeries that go back to the basics and do it well are the ones we remember the most. 

That's what Baker and Scone is doing with their insane scone menu! They specialize in all things scone but even though their baked goods aren't insane creations, they bake a massive menu of different delicious scones that are made perfectly every time! 

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Baker and Scone is located at 693 St Clair Ave W near the Wychwood area in Toronto and you're going to want to try all their scrumptious scones right away. 

They have both sweet and savoury scones, bake them fresh everyday and have an insanely large selection of each! 

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Some of their best sweet scones include their lemon poppy seed, salted caramel, chai latte spice, buttermilk double vanilla, lavender and honey and so many more! Some of their best savoury scones include white cheddar, chives and dill, sun dried tomato and scallions, feta and spinach and more! 

But they don't just make delicious scones they also take their scones to the next level by creating adorable scones topped with jam, scones topped with eggs for brunch, smoked salmon topped scones and more!

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Head over to Baker and Scone and treat yourself to a coffee paired with a simple scone or one of their amazing brunch scones for a sweet weekend treat! 

Check out their website for more information. 

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